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I'm your girl.

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I'm Taylor Lee

  • I started my first online business when I was 19 years old and in college doing freelance marketing services.

  • I hit my first 6-figure year at 20 years old after deciding to commit to focusing on what not only could make me money, but could give me the most freedom possible and make me feel the most fufilled.

  • I believe we're meant to be living Fully Free lives. To me, that means full freedom in our time and in our finances. There’s time to take care of ourselves, time to spend with the ones we love, and no more need to stress over money.

Here’s the truth…

Your desires are right.

That thing you want to do, that you love so much, but are afraid can’t make you the income you want? You get to do that (and make money doing so).

That price point you want your programs, services or products to be, that logically does make sense but tends to bring up discomfort and guilt? Gets to be the price that sells easily.

The desires in your heart, the ones you really really want but are too afraid to even tell those closest to you? You get to have every single one.

I believe in living life to the fullest, using our gifts, trust our divinely given desires.

The world truly is yours.

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Listen to the podcast

Taylor’s podcast, Fully Free, is the podcast for all things running an online business, living life as an entrepreneur and figuring it all out as you go. She uploads new episodes every single week.

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Want to learn how Taylor scaled to 6-figure years in her first year coaching? Or how she runs her business now to create consistent (3 in a row) multi 6-figure years? Check out her courses + programs where she shares it all.

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