Wanna steal my Five Figure Webinar System for selling 1:1 coaching and courses? 

How cool would it be to finally start creating $10k months, even weeks, into your business?

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In this 1 hour and 30 minute video training, I'll be showing my exact system to: 

  • Create a signature webinar topic and training that shares my story in a way that has ideal clients on the edge of their seat to work with me

  • Create and target Facebook ads for your webinars to fill them with new leads that are ready to buy your signature program

  • Pitch your high end, 1:1 program on webinars in a way that has ideal clients booking discovery calls (even at a high end price point)

  • Sneak peak into my webinar that has made me over $10k in sales multiple times

This training as helped hundreds of women make amazing money with webinars. In fact, I've filled many group programs and signed $10k and $12k clients with webinars!

The best part? It's just $47 (normally $97 in my shop)! Seriously. But only for the next 15-minutes! 

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