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Unleash your 6-figure badass

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll get weekly video modules delivered to you that explain everything you truly need to know to start creating 5-figure months within the next 6 weeks.

  • I’ll teach you the simplest actions to yield the biggest results. Success isn’t about adding tons of tasks to your plate and I proud myself of the fact that my clients and students all work LESS after working with me.

  • Instead of having you “manifest” money or hustle, you’ll discover a sales system that allows you to create an endless stream of clients + money month after month.

  • I’m going deep with you to address your fears, beliefs and the things holding you back from showing up as the leader you really are. You’re getting the support to overcome anything on your way to being who you know you’re meant to be.

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Transparent Sales

This 5 module course will walk you step by step through my Transparent Sales Method so you can sign high end, soulmate clients without ever using another pushy sales method again.

  • Attract + sign soulmate clients without pushy sales strategies, constant money objections or feeling desperate.

  • Discover how to find potential clients who have no money objections & are ready to get started today (even though that’s not the case now).

  • Understand the difference between content that attracts people in victim mode versus content that attracts people who are stoked to work with you.

  • Swipe my pre-qualifying process that allows me to never waste time on calls with people who are not ready to get started working with you now.

  • Get my sales call “script” for calls that are fun & nourishing for both of you.


Integrate & elevate

This is my ongoing mindset focused membership program to support you in getting to your next level faster with weekly livestream sessions + access to me in our sacred FB group.

  • Every week I give you a new high level perspective via livestream along with journaling prompts and homework to take you through the week so you can become the woman you desire to be

  • This is unlike any other membership program you’ve been in and is strategically designed to support you through even the deepest mindset blocks that have been keeping you stuck for years

  • You create the program by asking for what you want on our topic suggestion thread!

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This 5-part video training series reveals the strategies I used to scale to multiple 6-figures + how you can apply my approach to your own business to do the same.

  • Figure out what's really holding you back from making the money that you deserve.

  • Understand how to create offers (and actually sell them) that have people to saying "I need this now!" and have you celebrating $20k+ months finally!

  • Let go of perfectionism & create a business structure built on your priorities and strengths. Kiss goodbye to dreadful tasks!

  • Ditch anxiety around marketing and instead map out a 6-figure strategy that feels good to you.



People often ask me which tools I use to run my business. After working wit over 100 clients and testing out every single tool under the sun, here are my favorite recommendations for you! Please note these links are affiliate links and I may be compensated if you decide to use any of the products. 


For contracts and invoicing.

This program is hands down the most cost effective, prettiest and user friendly option for sending your clients contracts and invoices. Use code TAYLOR at checkout to get 20% off! 

For scheduling calls.

Between myself and my clients, we've tried all of the programs under the sun and this is by far the best out there. Pre-qualify calls, send them reminder emails, and seamlessly set your scheduling boundaries!

For email marketing and funnels.

For a low monthly cost, ConvertKit is perfect for those with a list under a few thousand and who aren't doing lots of passive income and group programs yet. I used it for a long time and have all of my clients use it too.

For high-converting landing pages.

ConvertKit can create landing pages but their options are limited. LeadPages collects insights on the top converting pages, gives you access to metrics on all your pages and is super easy to use and design with.


For social media management.

Smarter Queue saves me so much time! It allows you to plug in all of your content and post it over and over again. For example, if I have 60 posts, each gets shared once every 2 months. I put all of my posts in there so they can be reused automatically.

To host course and membership sites.

I use Kajabi to host my courses, programs and masterminds. I've used tons of solutions before and none have been as easy to use and navigate as Kajabi. I've had hundreds of people use my programs in Kajabi and zeros struggle to use it!

To boost website sales.

This is one of my little secrets of launching. For a small fee, you can put a live chat box on your website. I always make a few extra sales in my launches from this feature and have even signed high-end clients straight from the platform!

For collecting payments.

SamCart allows you to create high-converting checkout pages – and with some of their templates you don't even need to create a sales page! It accepts credit cards and PayPal, payment plans, and subscriptions. Super simple and epic!