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Overflow with Taylor Lee

A 5 week live + interactive program for the ambitious badass ready to experience overflow of abundance in her bank account & business.

This weekend I was taking a walk in the rain, soaking it all in.

That I had just another $46k cash month, that I just booked a 14 night trip to Maui for four and that I can’t even remember the last time I was worried about money.

I was reflecting on how normal it all feels. In the last year I’ve taken countless dream vacations, treating others to these experiences with me, I drive a car I used to dream about and I live in the nicest home I’ve ever lived in… I’ve consistently had multiple five figure cash months for 2 years, I have 6 figures in the bank, a rapidly growing retirement account (cause why not) and all without sacraficing living my life NOW to the fullest.

Flash back to 3 years ago… I felt like I was holding my breath.

I had more money coming in than ever before but it was still nerve racking to pay my $750 half of the rent. I would go to the ATM every month to withdraw the money and clench my teeth. I never knew how much would be in the account.

I was always counting down when I would be done paying off my current coach and try to convince myself I wouldn’t hire another one for a long time. On one hand, I didn’t believe overflow was possible for me (I wouldn’t be thinking like that..) and on the other I knew it was (or I wouldn’t keep investing in coaching every time I said I wouldn’t.. lol!)

I was making sales and money but it always felt like I had to be hustling, right onto the next sale to keep up. I didn’t feel safe with money. I was always worried about a sale never coming in again. I felt like a total fraud - here I was totally killing it but not much confidence in my financial situation to show for it. Nearly $40k in debt, a bank account that was up and down constantly and never ending bills…. I dreamt of having more than enough.

It’s not all about the money. That’s for sure. But I was also constantly being bitchy to my husband when got home because I couldn’t stop stressing about my business and sales. I hated weekends because I couldn’t work 12 hours a day like normal. And I had no real relationships with friends or family because I was all consumed in how hard life was.

I was so ready to leave this behind & be in an overflow of money, love & joy.


What is it?

Overflow is a 5 week, live course where I’ll be sharing what I did to completely flip my reality.

It’s time for us to fully change our mindset around money, sales, business, clients and our how things work for us. This is the only way you can experience a different reality and -

✨ Fill your offers with more people than ever before

✨ See more money in your bank account than you ever imagines

✨ Celebrate your best month ever month after month

✨ Do all of the above working less than ever before and actually enjoying your life to the fullest (you only get one shot!!)

Here’s what you get -

  • 5 weekly modules where I’ll be training you on each area of overflow available to you, plus workshopping you through how to actually make a change in your reality

  • Ask questions and participate live on the modules so you are sure to understand everything deeply and see crystal clear how it applies to you and your situation

  • Access to Taylor & the Overflow sisterhood in our private Facebook group to ask questions about the modules, share your homework & get feedback on what needs to change in your mind/life/biz to get where you want to go (Taylor will be in the group multiple times per week)

THe modules

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module 1


See how I audit my business to discover exactly what needs to go and what I need more of to quantum leap my income

Understand exactly how you uncover the aligned strategies for your business and launches so you stop using alignment as your excuse for why things keep not working

This helped me take my signature program from making $100k in 12 months to $100k in 3 weeks

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Module 2

Increase your monthly income

Snag all my strategies for increasing my monthly income without working more or adding in more sales strategies

The mindset you need to step into, practice and implement from to create multiple five figure cash months consistently from here on out

This has helped me make $20k+ months for over 3 years consistently (and countless clients create multiple 5-figure months, too)

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Module 3


Understand what needs to change for you to have more people in your offers than ever before so you can increase your income and actually surpass your enrollment goals

Fill your programs with students and clients that get amazing results, love exactly who you are and who you would work with for free they’re such great fits

This has allowed me to enroll 100-200 students in multiple of my offers within weeks

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Module 4


Understand who you need to be (in your life and in your content) to attract overflow into your life - we’re talking effective content, rock solid message and being seen as a leader

Get the full look at where I am holding myself accountable so I can step into being in charge of what I create in life + how to manifest anything you want

This has helped me grown an audience of nearly 20,000 people and receive thousands of payments per year

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module 5

Overflow of money

See exactly how I manage my money so I am consistently increasing the number in my bank account and never running behind on taxes, savings, bills, etc.

Become friends with money so you attract more than ever before, you remove all avoidance causing you financial issues and allow your situation (good or bad) to motivate you

This has allowed me to save over $100k in the bank, always be ahead on taxes and use my financial situation to lead to my highest cash months ever


What’s possible for you -




Gianna is a love and relationship coach for spiritual women who want to manifest their soulmate. Being surrounded by business coaches, she didn't know if she could sell the high-end rates she wanted to charge. 

When started working together, she set a goal to fill her last coaching spots and in under a week, she signed her first $15,000 client paid in full

The coolest part? This was all without even doing a sales call — all through Facebook messenger because she knew exactly who it was for and got over her mindset BS telling her she couldn’t charge the rates she wanted to charge. 

Gianna has now raised her rate again and signed three $18,000 clients in one week within just 3 months of working together. She's celebrating her first $60,000 month!  



Christie Bailey
Online Business Coach

Before working together, Christie had decided to move over to business coaching (because why not people were asking her for it) and had her first $10k month while in Bali. At the time - it felt a bit like LUCK - $5k clients while getting massages and chilling in the sunshine?!

So she THOUGHT she needed to take a month off to essentially “rev up” (think: plan a fancy launch and grow her community even more) and prepare to launch her group offer


That month off turned into her first $20k month
Which she did AGAIN the next month
And then 3x’d that the month after and had a $60k month!

Filling her mastermind/course with amazing women paying $3500 in full
Signing her first $10k clients and then a $15k pay in full “out of the blue” {but not luck at all - very repeatable}

All from simple posts and livestreams!



Alex + jenny (6 Figure Freelancer)

Business Coaches

When Alex and Jenny came to me, they had a $20k month in the past but were never able to get there again and wanted to know how to not only get there but keep it consistent.  

Fast forward to January 2018, and they were celebrating a $35,272 cash month! With the strategies I teach, they not only brought in over $30k cash in February but locked in $20k before the 1st of the month! 

And from that, by the 5th of February, they had locked in $30K cash for the month in payments and new sales. Over $10k is coming in through their low-ticket membership site alone plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services.



Ashley enget

Business Coach

"I've just been looking at my income spreadsheet, and things have really changed. I was getting $1,500 payments for my 1:1 coaching (3-month payments plan) with no pay-in-fulls in sight. 

Now, I'm receiving $1,300 payments for my group program, $2,500 deposits, and a
$10,000 pay in full for 1:1 clients

I have invested in myself and learned so much in the past year, but I was not getting paid what I was worth. I was booking 5-figure months but I was tired and exhausted (like when I had 7 coaching calls in one day! #burnout ) 

After working with Taylor I 
had my first $20K month and it was easier than any $10K month I had before. I finally have a repeatable system that makes sales feel easy!"  

Let’s do this

If you’ve read through what the program is, what it includes and the modules and it’s resonating, I know this program can help you.

Who is Overflow really for?

I designed this program for the woman who knows she can make money, who knows she can her business afloat and who knows when she needs to she can make shit happen, whatever it takes.

But she is craving so much more - more income, more ease, more time, more excitement, more progress.

Maybe you’re stuck making a very low income in your business - this can help you finally get to those $10k months and do so having so much fun.

Or maybe you’re making $10k a month or even $20k a month but you feel like you’re drowning in hustle, expenses and carrying the weight on your shoulders. This will help you see your bank account grow, actually feel wealthy and experience so much more ease in your business. And who knows… maybe this is the key to those $40k+ months for you, too.

Wanting more?

(psst… check out this special VIP offer)


If you are craving more support I have something so special for Overflow students ONLY.

My 1:1 mentorship typically costs $20,000.

But now you can do the Overflow program WITH 1:1 support for $5,000.

This is for the woman who is done putting limits on what’s possible for her, who is ready to be deeply supported by someone who knows how to get where she wants to go and who wants to see things happen faster than ever before.

As a VIP you get:

  • Access to the Overflow program (a $1444 value alone)

  • 2 private 1:1 45-minute calls with me (a $3000 value)

  • UNLIMITED access to me via Voxer for 5 weeks-I’ll look at your marketing and give feedback, answer your q’s on demand about anything, help you through mindset blocks as they come up personally ($3,000+ value)