integrate & elevate

a continuation program with taylor lee




You learned the strategy, you started doing the work -

And now? it’s time to integrate.

It’s official.

I’ve taken hundreds of entrepreneurs through my courses and programs.

And I’ve noticed that courses, while they teach the information you need to strategically create results, often leave students missing what they need for lasting transformation.

Once a course comes to the end, you might be wishing:

  • The sisterhood vibes you feel in the group could be there forever

  • The trainings you were getting each week were something you could have every single week

  • Getting your questions answered as you continue to master and integrate were something you could continue to have even longer

It’s probably not time to dive into another program when you already have the step by steps of what works… but continued support IS something ALL entrepreneurs crave, value and NEED.

And I’m tired of leaving my course students hanging after our program is over.

So what’s next?


In January 2016 I had no clients, I had been trying (posting, emailing, blogging, hosting webinars) for a few months but all I was getting were people on the phone who wanted to get free answers, to manifest the money first or try it on their own for a few more months.

Fast forward to now and I’ve made over 1 million dollars cash in 3 years.

One thing that stayed consistent? I’ve always had support. I am working with my 10th private coach.

I look for ONE simple thing from a coach - someone who’s energetic minimum is my dream, who I can align myself with and who can hold me accountable to my next level even when fear tells me to go back to what’s comfortable.

When you’re new in business, your job is to learn all the knowledge and strategy. It’s simple - you don’t know what you don’t know.

But to grow after that? It’s all about expanding your mindset, deepening your self trust and turning up the volume on your intuition.

In fact, if you keep reinvesting in new information - you’re simply reinventing the wheel, starting over again and again and confusing yourself… “but what is TRULY the right way” 😫

(hint: the right way is YOUR way - the way that feels effortless FOR YOU and that you believe in)

So now that you have the strategies in the palms of your hand… will you join me to Integrate and Elevate?

unspecified-58 copy.jpg

Here’s what we want to avoid…

  • Being in self doubt over our next move, our ideas and our desires

  • Thinking you must be missing the solution or some golden answer (hint: you’re not)

  • Remaining in indecision in fear of making the right decision on the next move

  • Not committing to our real goals and dreams because we think we don’t know how to get there

  • Getting stuck in unalignment where nothing is selling, content creation feels hard and can’t see what we’re doing wrong

that’s why I’ve created

The Integrate & Elevate Membership

A sacred, on going container to support YOU in discovering the answers, uncovering your truth and breaking you free from the rules holding you back from the next level.

I created this membership to change everything for you when it comes to mentorship.

This is not another membership with dozens of trainings, people at all levels with totally different understandings, questions being asked that make you roll your eyes, hit or miss trainings you may or may not need and so much information you feel more confused that when you originally invested in.

This is a truly a mentorship of its own.

Everyone will have the how, the strategies and be on the same page.

Every week we have a Break Free Session where I provide you with a workshop to get unstuck, find the answers to your next level and really… blow your mind.

You and your sisters, who went through the same work as you thus far, will be coming together to integrate and elevate into the next level.

You will never be the same.

Let's do this!

join now for Just $147/month

pay every 3 months and save $94

What women in The program have to say…

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How it works…

Simply put, this is a membership style program. Included in the program is:

  • Access to our sisterhood oriented Facebook group where you are welcome to network, mastermind, ask each other for support and feedback, share your goals and progress, etc.

  • Weekly Break Free Sessions with Taylor where she will share a necessary mindset shift for you to go to your next level

  • Access to Taylor in our group where she checks in weekly to answer questions outside of the trainings + plans all trainings from the vibe of the group and our topic suggestion thread where you tell me what’s keeping you stuck

my promise to you?

This is unlike any membership program you’ve ever been in and is strategically and intuitively designed to be a mentorship that will shift your mind and strengthen your self trust allowing you to easily and quickly step into your next level. I promise when you show up and do the work in this program as if it was a $5,000/month investment (like my 1:1) you will never find yourself feeling stuck, stagnant or questioning yourself for long again.

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and this program was crafted to help you accomplish every single one of them in a way that work for you…

I want to make sure you know what’s available to you when you say YES to expanding your mindset, strengthening your self trust and turning up the volume on your intuition -

  • You never question yourself on the perfect price point again - instead of being mid launch still wondering if your price point is why people aren’t buying, you’re signing clients at a price point that feels exciting to you

  • You experience uplevel after uplevel - consistently signing more clients faster than ever before and watch your capacity for clients and students in your programs expand before your eyes

  • You rise to the next income level ($10k, $20k, $50k, $100k months) without hustle, without sacrificing what feels good to you and most importantly in a way that you can repeat consistently while still living life

  • You actually watch your life transform before your eyes - your bank account grows, your income provides you with an overflow of money and you feel joy in your day to day life

Are you in?



Here is what’s possible…

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Join Our Sisterhood Today




Hi love,

I want you to know, I’ve mulled over this program for SO long.

I know the #1 issue for online entrepreneurs who feel stuck is not having ongoing, consistent support to expand their mindset and tap into their intuition.

There is no lack of resources or knowledge out there. I know that. You want to learn how to sell or launch? I’ve got you and I’ve got a course for that (as you know).

I would not be where I am today, living a life where I never make decisions based on money, where I have an overflow of money in the bank even after taking weeks off of selling, without practicing the new beliefs that are now my reality.

I spent over a hundred thousand dollars on having someone, in my ear, every single week, for years, to make sure I was continually choosing to think and perform at the next level.

Now? I know there is so much more money and growth to be made for everyone who’s ever done any of my programs… but I know in order for them, for us, to step up and claim it… we need on going support.

Every week from here on forward, I have your back and will be delivering a workshop for you to support you in this journey.

I would love to support you.


Let's do this!