EP 29: Increase The Engagement On Your Content Today [Five Figure Content Series]


I am so excited to be sharing the second episode from the Five Figure Content SeriesClick Here to listen to the first episode. Over 2000 people have participated in this training series and achieved incredible and transformative results.  More engagement, booked discovery calls and sales! So make sure to grab your pen and notepad to take powerful notes as you go through all 5 upcoming episodes.  Also, if you enjoy the episode, make sure to take a quick screenshot of the podcast as you are listening and tag me over on Instagram stories @_thetaylorlee  

Today we are talking about increasing your engagement - getting more likes, comments and even more direct messages. The best two things about engagement means the algorithm will work for you. Facebook and Instagram help push out your content even more when people are engaging with your content.

I am Taylor Lee and I’m a Business Mentor that helps my clients create five figure and multi-figure months consistently, and on to six figure years and beyond. The majority of my clients are coaches, mentors and service providers such as website designers, graphic designers, copywriters, business managers and high level service providers.

Anything you want your people to do, you need to be willing to do yourself.
— Taylor Lee

This week on the Fully Free podcast:

  • Learn the biggest thing that will increase your engagement (pssst, it’s not a call to action) (06:35)

  • Check out how tuna fish helped someone open up in their content (09:40)

  • Trust has to be established with your audience, but how? (15:09)

  • Strategic Tip: Keep your call to actions as simple as possible (17:40)

  • Two easy call to actions you can use in your content today (18:40)

  • I’ve tried all of the platforms, but these are my favorite for getting high engagement. Also learn about my favorite and low-cost tool I use to increase my engagement. (22:00)

  • Check out this episode’s homework assignment and tips. (26:00)

  • Learn more about the next opportunity to join Unleash Your 6 Figure Badass at the Super Low Pre-Sale pricing + Bonuses! (44:00)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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