You sign 3 new clients and you feel on a high.... until you look at your calendar and income projections and realize... there's still more money to make.

You hustle your ass off to have your best month ever and you do it, but there's not time to celebrate because now you're starting from basically $0 the next month and wonder if you can keep up that level of success. 

You've been in business for over a year, already making or on track for 6-figures and have created many offers/courses/trainings/programs... yet every month you find yourself throwing something new together to make more money. 


This isn't your normal sales page... or program... I know you can make money. I know (while sure, you want to make more and you still stress about hitting your goals) you've proven to your self that when it's down to the wire - you can make shit happen. 

The truth? You can 2,3,4x your income THIS month NO problem... but if you want to do that AND keep it consistent AND actually love your life, the answer isn't - 

Just raise your rates - The truth is you probably need to raise your rates. But if it was as simple as just raising your rates, you would have done that already. There's a huge difference in the mindset around 1:1 coaching for a coach starting their business vs a coach scaling a business to multiple 6-figures. And if that mindset isn't locked in, 1:1 is always going to be weighing you down.

Get better at sales - I know that it's still tempting for you to invest in another mentor who is where you want to be to learn their strategies. But what you've already realized it that every time you do that... you simply learn to do your hustle a little better, and you wonder if the income increase that you always make happen is worth the continued exhaustion. 

Grow your audience - It just makes sense right? If there are more people to sell to, more people will buy. And there. You can increase your income. Sure. But let's face it... you know your income goal is going to just keep growing and so by avoiding the real problem (a lack of automation, systems and structure in your scaling process) you will continue to be stuck in the hustle... just making more money from it. 



I'm not reading your mind... it's just, I've been here too. Making over 6-figures and wondering... "Can I keep up with this?" "Do I even WANT to keep up with this?" Realizing that while I had extra $ coming in... I didn't even have the time to use it. 

Let's rewind to September 2017. I had been coaching for over a year and a half. My first year I made $179,000 and in just 9 months of 2017 I was crossing the $250,000 mark. 

I wanted to share that milestone online so bad (as a marketer, not gonna lie, it's totally in my nature to share all the exciting results) but I had this thought... "do I even have anything to show for this?" 

I hadn't sold my $10k package in 10 MONTHS - because I kept offering a 6 week "easier sell" instead.
I had absolutely no free time, no friends, no hobbies, no interests - out side of my business.
I was constantly running numbers in my head of how much I had made so far, how much more I needed to make and all the ways I could do it. 
I would keep a notebook near by in the evenings after working so I could mark down any sales that might come in. 
I was running a membership site because I thought it would help me scale but it was bringing in a few thousand dollars a month (if that) and taking up A LOT of my time. 
I thought I was running my business intuitively but I actually just constantly dealing with "oh shit I need to make more money moments" and coming up with new things to sell (fear based NOT intuition based). 

This was only 8 months ago which is why it's actually pretty embarrassing to admit. 

But 8 months ago I decided, I would rather make LESS money and stop sacrificing the actual freedom I want to be building then keep doing things this way. Here's what happened: 

  • I created a signature course and hired a team to build an automated sales system for it and now for the past 7 months have been bringing in $13k-$20k cash from that single course consistently (with $500 or less monthly ad spend)

  • Signed 7 $20,000+ clients (4 of which have paid in full) and limited the number of 1:1 clients I work with to only 3 clients at a time

  • Generated over $300,000 cash working less than I ever have before in my business (a few hours a day, M-F)

  • Go to yoga, kickboxing and horseback riding lessons regularly

  • Traveled to Chicago, California, Florida, North Carolina and Nashville and had my siblings visit me - working minimally on each of these trips (1 hour or less per day)

  • Lost over 30 pounds that I gained the previous 2 years running my business

This is the kind of business I believe is possible for all online businesses. One that gives us a Fully Free life. 

That's why I created, 6-Figure Flow, my 90 day accelerator program

The coaching program for coaches and service based online entrepreneurs who are ready to make multiple five figure months, a freedom filled life and flow in their business.

After being stuck in this cycle for nearly 2 years and getting to the "other side" I've created my FLOW system - 

In the foundations phase, we build out the core offers and client avatars for your business. Basically we create your plan to create at least $20k/month with just 2 offers taking up 4-5 hours a week of your time. 

The leverage phase is where we fine tune the part of your business that you already do have in place - your marketing and sales. You'll have a strategic system in place so marketing is more than just writing inspired rants and crossing your fingers. 

In the ownership phase, we make sure your mindset isn't holding you back from your five figure clients or selling out your offers. Your mindset will totally transform and you will finally be thinking like a multiple 6 figure business owner who doesn't hustle, work from a reactive space or settle for anything less than what they want. 

Workflow and Automation
Probably my favorite phase, this is where we implement your automated sales system. AKA - where I am breaking down exactly how I can make $20k/month from ONE course over and over and how you can do that with your own unique offer whether it's a course, membership or group coaching offer. 



The results women have had working with me include: 

  • Creating her first $20k month and then creating consistent $20k+ months again and again and again

  • Launching a group program that made multiple five figures in CASH in a month

  • Signing their first $5k-$20k clients

  • Creating six figures in sales in 30 days through launching her year long coaching program

  • Creating her first five-figure month ($12k in three weeks) during the holidays

The list goes on and on... take a look at these badass testimonials - 


She signed her first five figure pay in full client.... and had her first $60k month! 


Gianna is a love and relationship coach for spiritual women (sometimes men too) who want to manifest their soulmate. Being surrounded by business coaches she couldn’t if she could sell the high end rates she felt she wanted to charge.  

When we first started working together she set her goal to fill her last two coaching spots and in under 1 week of our first session she signed her first $15,000 client paid in full!! The coolest part? This was all without even doing a sales call - all through Facebook messenger because she knew exactly who it was for, knew her worth and got over her mindset BS telling her she couldn’t charge the rates she wanted to charge.  

Update: Gianna has raised her rate again and signed three $18,000 *pay in full* clients in one week within just 3 months of working together and is celebrating her first $60,000 month!


$30,000 cash months are their new normal! 


Alex and Jenny run their company 6-Figure Freelancer together and when they came to me they had a $20k month in the past but were never able to get there again and wanted to know how to not only get there but keep it consistent. 

Fast forward to January 2018 and they were celebrating a $35,272 cash month!!! 

With the strategy I teach, they not only brought in over $30k cash in February but locked in $20k cash for February before the 1st of the month. (THIS is how you create $20k months with ease ;)) 

And from that, by JUST the 5th of February they locked in $30K CASH for February in payments and new sales. Over $10k coming in through their low ticket membership site ALONE plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services.  


From only having 2 clients to her first $60k month! 


Before working together, Christie had decided to transition to business coaching instead of fitness coaching. Her real passion was in business. She had just had her first $10k month which showed her she was on the right track.  

However, she thought in order to hit her real goals (consistent $20k months) she needed to take a month off and rev up for a big launch. WRONG.  

That month off turned into her first $20k month {NOVEMBER 2017}. Which she did AGAIN the next month {DECEMBER 2017}. And then 3x’d that the month after {HER $60K JANUARY 2018}!!!!  

None of this was from expensive marketing strategies. Or unaligned strategies she didn’t like (she did NO sales calls for this reason). All of this was from her get strategic with her offers, seeing how to sell to her current audience (300 people!!) and master sharing her story and potent content pieces.

Ahhh ... and now - you can finally breath again

This program is not for everyone. It's ONLY for the entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a massive change in their business over the next 90 days. 

Working together, you will create: 

  • A way to easily create $20-50k months in your business without overwhelm, burn out and hustle

  • Two core offers that do this month after month for you so you never have to build out 10+ trainings and courses in one year again

  • Massive clarity on who you work with and why they will hire you

  • A business where you never start the month at $0 again

  • A clear understanding of how your marketing actual works, how to write potent content (that actually sells) and a marketing schedule so you never have to question if you're doing enough again

  • Learn to automate and shortcut the majority of your content (HOURS a week saved)

  • Have a sales call system that converts at nearly 100% and no more offering free sessions and doing 3+ discovery calls to sign 1 client

  • Create an automated sales system for your passive or group offer that brings in $10k+ per month predictably with minimal effort


What's included: 

  • 90 day access to our Facebook group and monthly calls

  • Lifetime access to the course modules, videos, worksheets, etc as well as updated to the course content (if we add a worksheet or new video.. you will get access)

  • 3 90-minute group Zoom sessions per month with Taylor

  • Unlimited access to Taylor in our Facebook group (ask anything)

  • 20+ video modules to walk you through the entire FLOW system

  • Worksheets to use as you go through the modules


$6k in full OR $3k deposit + 2 payments of $1900
(NOTE: Taylor is currently running through this program live - so anyone who joins now has more access to her than other round of the program will as well as the special price) 

Your next step...

Click the button below and fill out the application in depth. If you are a good fit, we will hop on a call to get to know each other more + get you enrolled.