Client Success Stories

Hear from Taylor's past clients


signed her first 5-figure client + had her first $60k month!


Gianna Rackman
Love and Relationship Coach

Gianna is a love and relationship coach for spiritual women who want to manifest their soulmate. Being surrounded by business coaches, she didn't know if she could sell the high-end rates she wanted to charge. 

When started working together, she set a goal to fill her last coaching spots and in under a week, she signed her first $15,000 client paid in full

The coolest part? This was all without even doing a sales call — all through Facebook messenger because she knew exactly who it was for and got over her mindset BS telling her she couldn’t charge the rates she wanted to charge. 

Gianna has now raised her rate again and signed three $18,000 clients in one week within just 3 months of working together. She's celebrating her first $60,000 month!  

From only having 2 clients to her first $60k month! 


Christie Bailey
Online Sales Mentor

Before working together, Christie had decided to transition from fitness to business coaching, where her real passion was. She had just had her first $10k month which showed her she was on the right track.  

Back then, she thought that to hit her goals of consistent $20k months, she needed to take a month off and rev up for a big launch. Wrong.  

Instead, we worked to get her first $20k month — which she did again the next month and then 3x’d that the month after, reaching a $60K month!  

None of this was from expensive marketing strategies. Or unaligned strategies she didn’t like (she did no sales calls for this reason).

Christie got strategic with her offers, understood how to sell to her current audience (300 people!) and mastered sharing her story and content.

$30,000 cash months are their new normal


Alex Grizinski & Jenny beres
Business CoacheS

When Alex and Jenny came to me, they had a $20k month in the past but were never able to get there again and wanted to know how to not only get there but keep it consistent.  

Fast forward to January 2018, and they were celebrating a $35,272 cash month! With the strategies I teach, they not only brought in over $30k cash in February but locked in $20k before the 1st of the month! 

And from that, by the 5th of February, they had locked in $30K cash for the month in payments and new sales. Over $10k is coming in through their low-ticket membership site alone plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services.




Emyrald signed her first $10k client as a love coach

Brittany went from $0 to $16k in 3 months


Will you be the next?


signed her first $15k client after changing her niche


Dani Driusso
Voice Coach

Dani had been working on signing her first 5-figure client for a while and it just wasn’t happening. Her highest paying client before this was $5k.

We worked through a few things:

  • What she actually did with clients (she switched her niche and was no longer focused on business coaching)

  • The ROI her clients get and why her $15k pacakge was so worth it.

  • All of the logistics of the program locked in (so she could no longer question them)  

What happened? Her first $15k client showed up in 4 days

Her $20k month has been her easiest yet


Ashley Enget
Online Business Coach

"I've just been looking at my income spreadsheet, and things have really changed. I was getting $1,500 payments for my 1:1 coaching (3-month payments plan) with no pay-in-fulls in sight. 

Now, I'm receiving $1,300 payments for my group program, $2,500 deposits, and a
$10,000 pay in full for 1:1 clients

I have invested in myself and learned so much in the past year, but I was not getting paid what I was worth. I was booking 5-figure months but I was tired and exhausted (like when I had 7 coaching calls in one day! #burnout ) 

After working with Taylor I 
had my first $20K month and it was easier than any $10K month I had before. I finally have a repeatable system that makes sales feel easy!"  



Brittany Reid
Soulful Business Mentor

September, October, November… $0 through her coaching business.

When we started working together, everything changed.

  • She realized why she was truly valuable as a coach

  • She clearly saw the ROI she could deliver to her clients without being anything but herself

December? Celebrating $16,550 sales (including locking in a $9800 client). January? $7,900 cash. February? $11,400 cash received just 9 days into the month.

As of April, Brittany has hit 6-figures in her business!

first $15k client within 4 days of working WITH TAYLOR 


Elisa Canali
Business & Life Coach

When Elisa joined the mastermind, her highest paying client had been a $4k client. Because of that, she created a 1-month package she sold for $1500, for those who weren't ready to fully commit. 

By doing this, she was making it impossible for her to scale and keep up multiple 5-figure months consistently. She knew she needed to raise her rates and her standard of client if she wanted to really grow her business so she joined my mastermind. 

After just 4 days of joining and watching one training she signed her first $15k client — with a $5k cash deposit that day!