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Are you REALLY doing what you love to do?

Are you REALLY in love with the day to day of your business?

Are you REALLY feeling like the total badass you’re trying to show up as?

Or are you constantly questioning your next move and searching for the right answer?

What to do next to fill your offer…

How to hit your next level income this month…

What the perfect next offer/launch looks like…

What if the answers were all inside of you?


In January 2016 I had no clients, I had been trying (posting, emailing, blogging, hosting webinars) for a few months but all I was getting were people on the phone who wanted to get free answers, to manifest the money first or try it on their own for a few more months.

Fast forward 12 months and I had made over $170k cash in my business that year alone.

In 2017 I more than doubled that and made over $400k cash.

This year I’m on track to do even more and continue scaling my multiple 6 figure business.

To do this… I’ve invested a lot (just like you) and I’ve learned A LOT.

But truly my biggest lesson learned is there are no rules.

I’ve had $50,000 months that felt easy, fun and exciting. I’ve had $50,000 months feel draining, exhausting and not worth it.

The difference? When I’ve felt most burnt out, drained and like I was pushing to make things happen was when I was following someone else’s “proven strategy”.


Can you relate?

I think we’ve all been there.

Constantly in self doubt over our next move, our ideas and our desires.
Thinking you must be missing the solution or some golden answer.
Searching for the person who must know the right way that can get you where you wanna be.

And while things pick up here and there, we end up down one road or another -

➡️We get stuck in indecision and not committing to what we really want to do and end up staying stuck for way too long when we could be serving our people and making money.


➡️We take someone else’s answers, direction, strategies and implement them just to realize that it isn’t right for US. We burn out, we get frustrated and we get bored. And even though we’re doing EVERYTHING right.. it isn’t working how it should be.

And the longer this goes on the harder things get in your business.

The harder it is to write content.

The more confused you feel on your next step.

The more flop launches you start having.

The longer it takes to book your private clients.

The more you wish you could just simply show up, be you, trust yourself and have your best results yet.

This can all change in a moment.
The answers are all AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW.

I want you to know this -

The way to REALLY stand out online (which means more clients, more sales, more income faster than ever before) is inside of YOU.

It’s not being more like that coach.

It’s not squeezing 15 different rules into your post.

It’s not trying to sound more badass, more authoritative, more professional, more ANYTHING.

The way to magnetize, the way to captivate, the way to SELL is inside of YOU.

You can stop trying so hard.

You can stop forcing so much.

You can stop following all these rules that slow you down and make your head spin.



  • Being able to check in with yourself [without feeling panic or anxiety] and being able to identify the perfect next step for your business

  • Just writing a post because you feel inspired and in flow [not overthinking any marketing rules or what you SHOULD say or how you SHOULD sound] and having someone messaging you that day “how can I sign up to work with you?! I NEED you in my life!”

  • Not spending weeks feeling “stuck” where you’re at and being able to, at any moment, DECIDE it’s time to uplevel your income, to fill your offer, to sign more dream high end clients and it HAPPENS
  • I want to show you how.

    I want to give you your freedom back.

    I don’t want you to NEED me by your side for the rest of time to get results.

    I want you to feel empowered, fully free and completely expressed.

    I want you to be hitting the five figure and multiple five figure cash months you’re pushing so hard toward right now.

    I want you to feel like signing 40 people into your group program or course is EASY (just like my $80,000 month only 12 months into business).

    I want you to experience having someone transfer $20,000 to your bank account because you are YOU and because they want to have your support in their life/business.

    I want you to finally realize that your past results have NOTHING to do with your future results and allow you to break free from the rules and limitations you’ve put on yourself.

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    A 3 month group program to support you in finding all of the answers to taking your business and income to the next level

    Here’s how to works:

  • 6, Biweekly livestream trainings on topics that will transform your business (my clients have done $20k months CONSISTENTLY, signed $18k clients, hit $60k months, etc while working less than ever before and loving/improving their lives at the same time)
    💰$1997 VALUE

  • 6,Biweekly livestreams Q&A’s where my promise to you is ANY question you have while in this program related to your business, sales, marketing, mindset will NOT go unanswered
    💰 $3800 VALUE

  • Facebook group to connect with other ambitious powerhouses to network, build friendships and connect with others going through the same struggles as you to see you are not alone (life changing)

  • Lifetime access to 6 trainings, 6 Q&A replays and Facebook group so you can go back anytime and go back through the content to see this transformation anytime it’s needed in your business

    I’ve custom created this program not to be what people are wanting or what will sell out but to be what you TRULY need to see this transformation in your business.


    $997 per month OR $2800 in full (only available until timer ends)


    NEW EXTENDED PLAN - $444 per month!!!


    Results from past CLIENTS: 

    Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 4.46.10 PM.png
    Susi 25k.png

    Here’s what we’re covering:

    Module 1


  • See the full breakdown of the habits, mindset and actions of my most successful clients. Understand exactly WHY they were able to sign $10k+ clients, hit $20k+ months and fully book their offerings

  • Learn my exact process I follow to not only set next-level goals but to get out income plateaus and quiet launches (OMG NOTHING IS SELLING) and start bringing in sales FAST

  • Uncover exactly what’s been holding you back and why you’ve been self sabotaging on hitting bigger income goals, being seen by more people and experiencing amazing results in your business

  • Steal my beliefs that I’ve stepped into that have allowed me to call in $100k bank balance, consistent multiple 5 figure cash months for over 20 months straight, $20k payments regularly, thousands of people joining my list/community every few month

  • Module 2


  • Nail down your brand story and positioning so you see exactly why it is you’re so cool, worth following and OF COURSE a high level mentor that people are dying to work with (and so others do too!)

  • Be guided through the process of creating your own Sales Saga - your handful of strategic posts that will sell out your next offer and understand how to use the process over and over again for any offer you want to sell out

  • See the behind the scenes of how I nail down positioning for my overall brand and each program launch to connect to my people deeply without trying to be someone or something I’m not - fully owning who I am, feeling confident with myself and being my own version of a badass with badass results AND HOW YOU TRULY CAN TOO
  • Module 3


  • Steal my process of tapping into my ideal client’s SOUL to write content (without following ANY marketing rules) that CONSISTENTLY lead to dozens of FB group member requests, comments and messages in my inbox

  • Understand how to take the salesyness out of your sales content (which you KNOW isn’t selling anyway and just attracting CRICKETS) and learn to write posts that have ideal clients messaging you “I HAVE to work with you, you’re speaking to my soul!!!” (and then pay you $20k in full that day ;))

  • Save my list of prompts for getting the right content flowing that speaks to my people, has them joining my community and buying from me often without pitching all the time, nonstop and getting disconnected from my actual purpose
  • Module 4


  • Receive the full breakdown of my mindset routine to get unstuck, out of funks, figure out exactly what’s holding me back/keeping me stuck including my go to journal prompts over the past 3 years that have led to my biggest light bulb moments

  • See the practice I use over and over to reconnect to my intuition after giving my power away or feeling like a failure so I can receive guidance on my next profitable action step

  • Finally learn and see proof that you CAN trust yourself and that you always have access to the answers. Never be in the position again where you feel like you can’t take action or pinpoint what needs to shift/happen for you to get the results you’re desiring.

  • See clearly for the first time why it is you struggle to actually listen to your intuition and take action on what you know you need to do and see the process to get over those roadblocks so you can get the full results you're meant to have

  • Module 5


  • Design your business from the ground up to be your own version of flow and ease NOT someone else’s (we’ve all been there realizing ohhhhh this isn’t as great as I thought it would be ;))

  • Ditch all the things you don’t genuinely enjoy or want to be doing (may or may not include: sales calls, certain types of programs you’ve heard you have to have in your biz model, certain strategies you’ve been told you need to do to be successful, etc) >> plus, understand how + why you make more money NOT doing them

  • Get the full breakdown of the strategies, business models and beliefs I’ve tried and ditched and how I continually audit and edit my business to be MY version of success
  • Module 6


  • Discover how to get out of your community plateau (you know.. the fact that you’ve been talking to the SAME 300 people for the past year…) and step into being a leader with thousands of new followers all the time (I’ve been growing by 1500+ per month and have done over 1,000 in 2 days organically)

  • Customize your Cash Container strategy with me - how you can grow a community of engaged, loyal fans, consistently show up and nurture them without draining yourself AND create massive income from your free offers and community

  • Identify your unique leadership traits that you can utilize to attract not just tons of new community members, but the right ones, and create RAVING fans who buy from you over and over

  • Fianna.jpg

    She signed her first five figure pay in full client.... and had her first $60k month! 

    Gianna is a love and relationship coach for spiritual women (sometimes men too) who want to manifest their soulmate. Being surrounded by business coaches she couldn’t if she could sell the high end rates she felt she wanted to charge.  

    When we first started working together she set her goal to fill her last two coaching spots and in under 1 week of our first session she signed her first $15,000 client paid in full!! The coolest part? This was all without even doing a sales call - all through Facebook messenger because she knew exactly who it was for, knew her worth and got over her mindset BS telling her she couldn’t charge the rates she wanted to charge.  

    Update: Gianna has raised her rate again and signed three $18,000 clients in one week within just 3 months of working together and is celebrating her first $60,000 month!  

    $30,000 cash months are their new normal! 

    Alex and Jenny run their company 6-Figure Freelancer together and when they came to me they had a $20k month in the past but were never able to get there again and wanted to know how to not only get there but keep it consistent. 

    Fast forward to January 2018 and they were celebrating a $35,272 cash month!!! 

    With the strategy I teach, they not only brought in over $30k cash in February but locked in $20k cash for February before the 1st of the month. (THIS is how you create $20k months with ease ;)) 

    And from that, by JUST the 5th of February they locked in $30K CASH for February in payments and new sales. Over $10k coming in through their low ticket membership site ALONE plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services.  


    ➡️ Access to my brand-new training - My Top 10 Lessons Learned Building a Multiple 6-Figure Business in Under 2 Years (Strategy, Intuition, Mind-Blowing Insight To Use In Your Own Business) held LIVE on October 24th @ 2:30 EST > EXPIRES OCTOBER 31 @ MIDNIGHT EST

    💰$497 VALUE




    $997 per month OR $2800 in full

    NEW EXTENDED PLAN - $444 per month!!!


    From only having 2 clients to her first $60k month! 

    Before working together, Christie had decided to transition to business coaching instead of fitness coaching. Her real passion was in business. She had just had her first $10k month which showed her she was on the right track.  

    However, she thought in order to hit her real goals (consistent $20k months) she needed to take a month off and rev up for a big launch. WRONG.  

    That month off turned into her first $20k month {NOVEMBER 2017}. Which she did AGAIN the next month {DECEMBER 2017}. And then 3x’d that the month after {HER $60K JANUARY 2018}!!!!  

    None of this was from expensive marketing strategies. Or unaligned strategies she didn’t like (she did NO sales calls for this reason). All of this was from her get strategic with her offers, seeing how to sell to her current audience (300 people!!) and master sharing her story and potent content pieces.

    IMG-7320 (2).png
    Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 4.49.00 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.37.13 AM.png

    NEW EXTENDED PLAN - $444 per month!!!

    You might be wondering..

    Q: Are you teaching me actual strategy and how you do things in this program?

    A: Yes! I am showing you all the things from how I am doing mindset work, checking in with myself, writing my content (what to keep in mind), sales tips, etc. Anything you want or need to know will either be covered in the modules or you can simply ASK. I am not holding any answers or strategies back from you, HOWEVER, this program is designed to teach you how to customize your strategy and choose your next move on your own without panic, overwhelm or anxiety. Sounds freeing, right?

    Q: When does the program actually start?

    A: There will be a bonus training on October 24th @ 2:30 pm EST for anyone who joins before October October 31st @ midnight EST. (If you join after the live training, you will receive the replay). The first official training of this program will be hosted on November 6th @ noon EST. As soon as you join you get access to the Facebook group where you will have homework to work on right away. Once you join you will also get access to the full run down of dates and times for all of the calls during the program.

    Q: What if I cannot make it to the Q&A’s?

    A: Been there! When I invest in a program I take every action possible to move around my schedule to show up fully for the content. However, I’ve been there where it still doesn’t work out. You will have many opportunities to ask me questions. You can ask anytime in the group which I am checking in on daily (and any questions I miss in the group will be answered on the next Q&A or you can send in your question before the Q&A to be answered on the live training. I do not believe in courses with no extra support and I see massive, massive value in you being able to ask your SPECIFIC questions to me and [my promise to you] I will make any question you have over the next 3 months around hitting your business goals, is answered.

    Q: What if I’ve already done a program (or a few) with Taylor? Is this repetitive content for me?

    A: I am offering an incentive for past students and clients to join this program because I know it will be an amazing opportunity to take everything I’ve taught you and use it in the most powerful way yet. Yes, there will be a few repeats. No, this is not past courses mooshed together. There is TONS of unique content that I have not taught before in this program. I think the best part about doing this program regardless of if you’ve worked with me before or not is you are getting me as your coach for the next 3 months for a ridiculously amazing investment level.

    Q: What if I don’t know my next move right now? Is this right for me?

    A: Let me call you out for a minute. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you probably have a couple ideas of your next step. And if you’re really, really honest with yourself.. you know which one you’d genuinely like to do most. But, you have a list of reasons why that could go wrong, or be a bad idea… sounding familiar? Then this is perfect for you.

    Note: If you have no clue what your business is, what you are good at, what you could possibly sell for money.. this is not the program for you. This is for experts who are ready to make a difference in the world but know they are getting in their own way and are craving support from a mentor who not only has endless strategies and answers to share with you, but also intuitive guidance for you specifically as well as empowers you to look within and learn to run your business yourself.

    Q: What level should I be at in my business before joining?

    A: I designed this program for entrepreneurs at heart. If you cannot fathom going back to the corporate world (or you’re like me and have never been) this is for you. Maybe in your current business you’re already doing $30k months… or maybe you’ve signed a few clients.. this program is going to work for you if you are craving a major increase in results while following your own path and staying in total alignment.

    NEW EXTENDED PLAN - $444 per month!!!