Why Your Excuses Are BS Fears

Sometimes, it feels like our excuses and the reasons why we can’t do something are just our own reality and no one else gets it. They don’t understand what’s going on in our head, and they can’t possibly understand why we just aren’t able to do something. But the reality is: we shouldn’t be defending our excuses, we should be pissed off at our excuses!

For example, I had this situation thrown at me today that brought up a lot of emotion and got me thinking. It made me wonder if I should give up on this launch for my group program. It won’t be a 6 figure launch…. 

But why? Because I was scared and unsure? I was making excuses to myself that would have hindered my progress and my online business. To be honest, that’s a terrible reason to put off the group program that I am crazy passionate and excited about.

I get on sales calls all the time and ladies tell me, “I want to work with you so bad! But I have a 9-5, will this still work for me?” Or perhaps they’re in school, they’re a mom, they’re so busy, or their life sucks. 

When I first started my business, I was a full time college student. And my life kind of sucked. I didn’t want to go out and party. I had to do an internship. My dad required that I come home on the weekends to help him with his business and my younger siblings. And the fact of the matter is that I didn’t have a lot of fun and freedom while in college.

And then, I found freelancing.

At first, I thought I had absolutely no time to fit another layer of work into my already crazy busy life. But over time, I figured out how to fit it around my schedule. I would do it at night after helping my dad, in class, and whenever else I could find the time. It was incredibly important to me to build this business.

Right before I graduated college, my granny got sick and was dying of cancer. So for 6 months, she had to be fed, needed help getting dressed, and couldn’t do anything for herself. I had to help and pretty soon, I was skipping classes and exams to be with her and help out. All while still doing my freelancing business and making about $2k a month, which was, by the way, a huge amount of money for a college student.

It allowed me to pay off a good chunk of my loans before I even graduated, shop for my sister and spoil her which was always a goal of mine, and buy things that I needed and wanted.

But honestly, it was really overwhelming. I often wondered if I should take a break to catch my breath and find myself some free time. So I decided to tell my freelance clients about it. I told them I would still be there for them but it would have to be on my schedule.

I had to remind myself why I was building this business. I was building it to help with my siblings, to have my freedom, to be with my family. I kept working because I knew the bigger vision and I knew the purpose.

I always tell my clients: now is the best time to grow your business. Because you get to build it around everything you have going on. You get to make it work even when things are terribly difficult for you.

And now, I have a lot more freedom than I did before. I built this business so that it works for me. I know how to shift things in my business to make it work.

Most of the time, we have excuses and want to quit because its seems reasonable with everything we have going on. But the truth is, you don’t have to quit if you don’t want to.

I was also in a long-distance relationship, and my business was able to help me pay for flights to see my boyfriend. He was able to come down here and see me as well and I could pay for a hotel and other things.

It’s my sister's birthday soon and I’m going to visit her down in Florida. And I can stay as long as I need, and I know that my business is going to be fine because I am able to take a break and when things really need to get done and the hustle needs to happen, I can do it from anywhere.

If you’re working a job, you can build your business. If you have kids, you can build your business. If someone is sick in your family, you can still build your business. I can say all of this because I get it. I really, really get it. I’ve been there.

Turn the excuses into blessings. I am so grateful that I never gave up. I am so grateful that my online business has led me to this point that I’m at today. And I want you to be able to say the same thing. Commit to you and your business and never let excuses hurt your potential future.

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