Why I Don't Do Much 1:1 Coaching Anymore

Why I don't do much 1:1 Coaching Anymore

How to Make Great Income from Low Cost Offers (And Why I Don't Do Much 1:1 Coaching Anymore)

Low cost versus high cost offers for online coaches is a heated topic. Should you be selling lots of little trainings that cost $99 each or should you be booking 1:1 clients that pay $3000?

I’ve had mentors who’ve suggested low cost offers and also mentors who’ve strongly believed against it so I get the confusion around the topic. 

Personally, I’ve helped so many different types of women with strong beliefs embark on a variety of journeys, and my overall belief is you can do whatever the hell you want in your business and make it work.

Before I give you my perspective and I what I do - I want you to know this - when you do what you want to do and what feels most exciting in the moment, your results are always better.

My Dilemma with 1:1 Coaching 

In the beginning, I really wanted to work on being a high-end 1:1 coach. But I’m going to be honest, even though I love my 1:1 clients, I hated looking at my calendar and seeing so many calls booked each day. (Even if there are just 3 calls, it overwhelms me - just my personality!)

I felt trapped because it made me feel like I had to stay home, sitting at a desk, and in a quiet room. It felt like my whole day was scheduled away, and I had little freedom in between the calls to do the things that I enjoyed. 

I started my freelance business because I wanted to work while in class, in the car, at Starbucks, and anywhere I was. Sure, I wasn’t able to charge a lot, but overall I had a lot of freedom. I could work from wherever I wanted, and decide on exactly when I wanted to do my work. 

When you’re coaching, you can’t be at a family get-together, or a party, or anywhere else without good internet or phone connection. And I don’t particularly want to charge someone thousands of dollars if they can’t even hear me on the phone and I am not giving them 100% of my focus!

That was my struggle with 1:1 coaching. I was getting great at signing clients - up to the point of having 12 private clients at a time but I didn’t love having all of those calls PLUS sales calls every single week.

I’ve launched several low-end (under $1,000) and group programs that have made me five figures and more in just a week.

These programs have been designed to get me serving more people at once, so I can do less calls and more on the go work. This month alone, I’m traveling for over 15 days and I need a business that fits my lifestyle.  

I love being able to create programs on the fly and then sell them. I want to be able to launch what I want, when I want. I do have funnels, but things happen mind-blowingly fast when I put out a new offer in my group and show the amazing benefits of it.

You just have to ask yourself what you want. If you love to coach people and be on the phone all day, you absolutely can do that. If you still want to teach and educate people, there are absolutely other ways than just sticking with clients 1:1.

You need to figure out what you love and what fits best into your lifestyle in an effortless and rewarding way.

And remember - you can do a mix of everything - that’s what I do. I launch programs that feel good and exciting and like I said earlier, that always works best!

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