Losing The Weight As An Entrepreneur

My Journey to Losing Weight as an Entrepreneur

In 5 years I had gained the freshman 15.... AND the entrepreneur 15. 

I was always the "bigger girl" of my friends and coming from a "bigger" family it just became normal. Like this is how I was destined to be. 

But after hitting my highest weight after starting my business it really hit me how bad it was becoming. 


In the photo on the left, I was at my highest weight. I remember at the start of that summer pulling a pair of shorts out the drawer I had worn all summer the year before and realizing they weren't even close to buttoning. I felt humiliated... and confused. I remember tears swelling up in my eyes. I felt like I was living in someone else's body. How did it get that bad so quickly? How did I not notice? 

I went shopping and realized nothing at any of the stores I normally shopped at fit. I had spent the last year hustling in my business hiding in baggy, comfy clothes and leggings to wake up one day and realize I needed to start taking care of myself. 

I went the whole following winter not even wearing boots because none of them would fit over my calves. I remember going shopping with my boyfriend to find a pair of boots, trying on pair after pair just to realize they weren't made for girls my size. 

Here's the thing - I run my business so that I can have the convenient options. Upgraded to skip the line in the airport is a no brainer for me. Shopping at plus size stores and dressing myself (something we do every single day) being ridiculously stressful every single time was not how I wanted to live my life.

I knew I deserved better. I knew I would be happier being a size I was actually comfortable with. And I knew all my excuses on why I couldn't do those things were really just bullshit. So I started my journey with the commitment and intention to find something that was NOT a diet and that I knew I could do forever. 

In the photo on the right, I am 30 pounds down. Lost 2 pant sizes. I understand how to navigate healthy eating while traveling, on date night, at the bar, at a family BBQ. It's easy. Am I perfect? Hell no. I have a good relationship with food. I know when my body is craving veggies and water. And I'm enjoying the journey along the way. 

The fact is we all know how to eat healthy. But between being addicted to processed foods and sugar, the peer pressure to eat unhealthy for fun, the stories we tell ourselves about why we're just stuck this way, the crazy fad diets that come and go with confusing information and the overwhelm of balancing food, fun AND business... gets in the way.

That's where the real journey came in. I vowed to never be on a diet again (I started tracking food in about 5th or 6th grade by recommendation of my doctor and have always had a unhealthy relationship with dieting since). I know I am not going to just eat a certain way for a while to lose the weight and then move on with my life. It doesn't work that way. I needed a way I can eat all the time, in all situations, forever and be healthy. 

The truth? In the time between these photos, I've been traveling nearly every other month, eating out 2+ times per week, working out very inconsistently.... but I've committed to change my mindset with food, give my body the actual nutrients it needs and be a work in progress. 

This is because the nutrition program and community I have been a part of is all about eating food that fuels your body (keeps your fuel, energized and is SIMPLE and REAL) and changing your mindset around food. 

2B Mindset was created by a RDN who lost 100 pounds using these methods and kept the weight off through TWO pregnancies. That's the kind of lifestyle I wanna be on. She walks you through what different types of food do for your body, how to plate your meals to lose weight + be full + satisfied, and how to follow this plan whether you're at home cooking, ordering in, going out, at a family BBQ, traveling, etc. 

And? There's no rules. You choose what you do. Want to go out 3 times this week? Not focus on nutrition on your vacay? That's ok but you always have a simple plan AND community to come back to every time. It's the only thing that has ever ever ever kept my consistent without an unhealthy obsession. 

And the cool part, I now crave eating healthy. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THAT. And making healthy choices feels like the easy, no brainer option. Don't get me wrong - I had cookies, carrot cake and pizza last week... but I still maintained my weight and felt GOOD. No guilt. No shame. 

Ok so here's the deal - I'm hosting a mindset and accountability group that you get lifetime access to when you join the nutrition program.

Yes, all you have to purchase the 2B Mindset nutrition program and I am your coach through your health and weight goals. 

Let's do this together.

I'll be in the group everyday sharing my journaling, mindset shifts I've had, encouragement, BTS of my journey, answering q's, coaching you and really just being really excited about having other entrepreneur friends on the journey with me. 

Plus weekly video trainings where I am showing the top game changers for me on this journey. Trust me, I had every mindset block in the book on why I couldn't be healthy and fit. 

My vision? A group of badass women entrepreneurs on this journey together working on their health and weight goals. Losing weight together. Dropping the dead weight ;) Shifting into a mindset that allows them to finally become their best level version now. 

Plus I am on this journey with you. My goal is to lose another 25 pounds by the end of 2018. And I'd love YOUR accountability doing so. 

If you're like HELL YES - just click here and buy the nutrition program. Then email me at taylor@taylormanning.co and I'll add you to the group ASAP. 

If you have questions about the program... want to make sure it's right for you... want to hear something in specific about my experience/journey just email me at taylor@taylormanning.co and ask! 

I am so pumped for this. 

PS: I recorded a podcast episode about my journey too. If you wanna hear more... give it a listen.