"I loved our sales call..."

How to Attract Coaching Client Who Are Ready to Invest

You guysssss.

I am LOVING this whole podcasting thing. 

So of course, I'm dropping a 3rd episode in 1 week. 

Today at the end of a client call with a new call my client said something along the lines of "You know, I loved our sales call and I want to learn how to do my sales calls with you and attract people onto my calls who are like me".

He was right.

On our call, we chatted about his business, his passion, his clients, his goals and what he is missing. Then I said "so yeah, I think you would be a great fit for 1:1 and I'd love to work with you... you know the price right? Do you want to get started?" 

He said yes and now here we are.

I wasn't really shocked because this is how 99% of my sales calls go. Because 1. I have a process in place that allows me to only get on the phone with people who are an excellent fit and are ready to invest and 2. I know exactly how to market to attract these kinds of people. 

And I break alllllll of that down in this new podcast episode :) 

Here ya go -