Everything You Need to Know About Promoting Your Facebook Group

I am always getting asked questions around how I grow my Facebook group. I've been able to grow my group to over 5,000 members in less than 2 years. So in this post, I wanted to answer your top two questions about growing your Facebook group. 

How am I supposed to promote my Facebook group?

1. Live Content Events: Challenges and Masterclasses

Using a challenge (usually a 3-5 day event via livestream) or masterclass (usually a 45 minute training hosted live Facebook live) is a great way to grow your group and sell your offers. I typically give myself 1-2 weeks to promote these, send people straight to my group to watch the content and pitch my latest offer at the end.

I love both of these options because they don't require all of the tech work that webinars require. Just outline some content and show up on Facebook live to teach! 

I've also found challenges to be a great way to boost engagement in my Facebook group when it's starting to slow down. 

2. Freebies: Giveaway Your Valuable Knowledge

This is how I grew my group by 1,000 members in 48 hours (there's another blog post on that, here). You can host your PDF freebie in the files section of your group and tell people to join to get access.

3. Define: Work Out the Purpose of your Group

When I talk about my story, I mention starting my freelance business at 19, becoming a coach at 20, and how my parents didn’t understand it, and that I don’t use my degree. I talk about that and people connect with my story want to join my group because they understand me.

The purpose of my group is to create a space where your age, or really anything about you, doesn't matter. We're all badasses that don't let anything hold us back. 

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Where do I promote my group?

1. Other Groups

You can either do a basic promo saying “Hey everyone! I’m Taylor and I’m a badass online coach. Join my group!” with a link or do a ladder post (make sure that it’s allowed in the group guidelines!) and comment the link. This keeps your post at the top of the group.

2. Your List

Make sure that everyone on your email list is in your group. Put it on your thank you page, the PS line of emails occasionally and even send a full email to your list about something you've done in your group recently (like and epic livestream or upcoming challenge).

3. Instagram

A few people in my group program found me on my Instagram. I use a link in my bio and in some of posts and even in my Instagram stories to direct people back to my group, email list or my programs.

You should also optimize all of your social media platforms to send people to either your group or email list.

Nothing's working?

I know what you’re probably thinking at this point: I’ve tried promoting, running a class, and nothing seems to be working!

To that, I can only say, if you really want to grow your group, you have to ditch the excuses. If you keep saying you can’t, it’s not going to grow. It took me 5 months to get to 300 people. Then it took 48 hours to get to 1300. Because I realized how easy it could be and I stopped making it so hard.

Take action everyday. Do something every day to build your community. You have got to focus on building your community. That’s how you get the right people in front of you and that’s really how you make the best sales.

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