How to Make Money From Your Email List: Converting Opt-In’s to Clients

As I’m doing bigger and bigger launches, I’m really seeing the value in having an email list. An email list gives you access and contact to prospective clients - it gives you a chance to convert them into members of your paying community. After years of working on growing and nurturing my email list, I’ve finally broken down the method to converting people who opt-in to my list to actually becoming clients.

You need an email list, here’s why…

I’ve gotten this question from people who’ve been making sales from their Facebook group or even from brand new coaches who don’t have a list yet.  

Your email list is another form of community for your business. It’s a perfect way to form community and conversation in your business because it’s closed (people have to join to see the content) and people can reach out to you directly by simply replying to the emails. It’s like a private connection between me and the person who is reading the content.

If you want to have 6-figure launches and consistent income, an email list is really something you are going to want to have in your business. If you are consistent in growing your list, have the right people on your list, and provide value on at least a weekly basis then you can’t really go wrong.

The secret conversion formula - how to predict the results of your launch based off of your email list numbers

One of the biggest focus to make money from your email list, is to grow your list. It’s not enough to occasionally run Facebook ads. You need to be consistently growing your list every single day. Posting in your group, other groups, tweaking ads.

It’s all in the numbers.  

Here’s a breakdown of what I mean and how conversion rates work: Say you want to make $10,000 from a $500 product. You need 20 sales and about 3% of your list is going to convert. That means you need about 700 people on your list.  

If you want to have a $100,000 launch and you are selling it around $2-4k with a 1% email conversion rate, you can basically ensure you’re going to make money based off of how many people you have on the list.  

I had a client who wanted to do a 6 figure launch but she had no email list. We grew her list to 10,000 people in a month by spending around $15,000. It was worth the money because of the ROI she got (a multiple 6-figure launch).

Whenever I talk to a client who is struggling with selling out their programs or booking enough discovery calls it almost always comes down to one of two things: the size of their email list and overall community or their copy not conveying the results they can get their clients.

How many times per week to email your list and how to handle people opting out all the time

I’ve had my list almost 2 years, and for about a year, I’ve been emailing my list at least 3 times a week. If you want to make more money from your list, you need to email them at least weekly, but probably more in my experience.

Most people suggest emailing your list about once per week and I’ve heard people say they were only comfortable with emailing a few times per month…. But I look at it this way - why would you post in your facebook group every single day and your list only once a week?

Some people think that sending more emails will make people opt-out. And it’s true. Every time I email my list, about 30 people opt-out. But I’m still making $30-40k a month between my list and my group. So screw it!  

The wrong people will opt-out. The people who aren’t going to buy are going to opt-out. That’s a good thing! My general rule of thumb is that as long as I am getting between a 1-5% click through rate on my sales emails, my emails are working, regardless of how many opt outs.

Your options are to email your list 3x a week and have more people opt-out or do it once a week and have no one buy from you.

You should be pitching in every single email - here’s how to get away with it  

Every single email that you send, needs to send people somewhere. I’m a firm believer that you can pitch in every email that you send. But here’s the thing: you either want to funnel people into your programs or products or back into your content.

What I do a lot, is funnel people back into my email list with a juicy webinar. That has a full email sequence behind it, that gives them value, and sells them my products.

You can also pitch people your discovery calls, programs, or products.

My rule for my emails is that if you covered up the pitch part of my email, there should still be something that’s worth reading. There should still be a story, case study, tips, value, or content that engages people. Lead with value and content and then pitch them. Because they’re only following you because they need your help.

Most people right now aren’t ready to work with you. They don’t have enough money, they don’t trust you yet, or they’re already working with someone. But the truth is that each time, it’s more and more likely that people will buy from you.  

The more chances I give people to experience FOMO (aka. Fear of Missing Out), the more likely they are to jump on that next launch. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but it makes sense! If people have said no several times, they may finally decide that it’s worth it.

I get new clients all the time who I’ve pitched on discovery calls and who originally said no, but decided to come back 9 months later. I’ve even had clients come back 10 months after I pitched a 3k program to buy my 10k program. I’ve had so many no’s and failed launches that have actually led to me being able to make multiple 6 figure launches a year later.

The moral is: don’t give up. Pitch, engage and grow your email list. It doesn’t matter if people opt-out, it doesn’t matter if they say no right now. If you provide value and your content is solid, they will come back to you when it’s the right fit.

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