Tweak Your Copy and Marketing To Sell Out Your Programs

Picture this: You have this great program idea that you put out there.

You create the sales page... beautiful.

You have a massive goal... let's do this. 

You start putting out posts, emails, livestreaming... shit. No one's buying. 

9/10 when I see this with clients it's their copy. So in this video, I show you how to tweak your copy so it sells out your programs. 

Here's a breakdown of what we talk about: 

When outlining your ideal client and what you need to hit on in your copy, you want to consider: 

  1. Where they’re at

  2. What they want

  3. Struggles/What they’ve tried

  4. What they are thinking 

We're always thinking, ‘Everyone can learn from this! Everyone can get insane value from this program.” So we don’t want to leave anyone out. We don’t want to market this program too specifically that it excludes people.

But guess what?

That’s just the fear in our head talking. You can’t think like that. It’s not going to do anything for you. You absolutely have to get specific. Think about it: people want to invest in things that were designed for them, because they are unique with unique "issues"... so if you're program isn't 100% speaking to THEM, they probably aren't going to buy. Feel me here? 

Let's dive in to each section: 

1. Where They’re At

My point is: when we talk about where they’re at in their business, we have to get specific. We can’t worry about getting too specific and leaving someone out that could benefit from the program. Before you do this, you have to realize that whoever’s meant to be in the program, is going to be in the program.  

So ditch all the fear. Stop being afraid of being too specific and just go for it.

So, for example, what I'm afraid to write is that my ideal client for the Unleash Mastermind has made four figures already. Maybe they signed low-end clients, maybe they sold a little passive course.  The results are very inconsistent, but they have made money.

For me, that is really important for what I teach and how I teach it. For my ideal client and for all my programs, the fact that they've made some money before is really, really helpful.

If they haven't made any money before - I mean, yes, this is still going to be useful but we're skipping over the basics in the program. We're not talking about ideal clients, we're not talking about creating programs that much - we're talking about selling, marketing, getting it out there, running ads, increasing revenue, making more passive income, and fully booking yourself.

We're not talking about that very, very first client. This is going to be helpful if they're already at this point right away. The other thing I think that is really good is that they already have a list or group. They're already out there, and they have some visibility.

2. What Do They Want?

The second section we’re going to focus on is what your ideal client wants.

For my ideal clients, they want my five-figure months! They see that goal - it's a shiny object for them. It sounds exciting but they haven't actually gone really deep into what they want. Actually, that's a struggle for them as well! This shiny object syndrome and going after other goals. They're making other people's goals their goals. They’re chasing the milestones. Can any of you relate to that? I know I can!

My ideal clients actually really want a lot of passive income. They want growth to be easier.

3. Struggles

Some struggles as similar to what we described above. For one, the shiny object syndrome. They want what others have. And another is that they chase the 1:1 because it’s easier. And they’re undercharging.

They've wasted a lot of time building things and projects.

To give you a better example of what I mean: one thing I really teach is the day-by-day things that you need to do. The daily tasks that take the least amount of times and that gets the biggest results. What I find a lot of people doing is they are focusing on the next project ie. the next funnel, the next website design, the next freebie creation. They're going into these big projects and spending a week or two on each project, and they never, ever focus on the daily tasks. They're never actually moving their business forward. They're just creating, creating, creating. I don't think that that actually works.

So these are the main three sections you should focus on. You want to fill all these three categories out. The sections should be so full that you have to go on to the next page of your notebook. Write these categories down!

4. What They Are Thinking

Now we’re going to talk about the last, but definitely not least, category: What is your ideal client thinking? It is something I don't hear a lot of people teaching.

A lot of people don’t realize that being able to get inside your ideal clients’ heads equals sales. Your ideal clients have to know that you know what they're thinking. When you are able to say the thoughts that are going on inside your head - they trust you! They finally realize that you get it, that you get them, and you know where they're at.

This is a big reason people aren't buying from coaches. They aren’t buying because they only see you at the end goal. They don’t see you as someone who has gone through what they’re going through.

Being a coach is really awesome but what a lot of people do is they put us up on pedestals because we're teaching results that we've had. In their eyes, we're at the finish line. A lot of people put me on this high pedestal when frankly, I'm still on my journey as well.

But the thing is, I get it. I've been where you've been. It wasn't any easier for me than it is for you. I didn't have any special things going on. I need my ideal client to know that I know what they’re thinking.

Here's what my ideal client is thinking. They're thinking “I know I need _______ before I can ________”.

I hear this all the time for my clients. I always call them out on it.

Some examples:

  • I know I need a website before I can get clients.

  • I know I need to figure out my messaging before I can find that client.

  • I know I need to actually outline the course before I can get started with it.

  • I know I need to outline the challenge before I can promote it.

Some of these statements are true, some of them aren’t. It depends on what way you look at it, but at the end of the day, they are all excuses.

The other thing that they're thinking is “why is it so hard for me and so easy for her?”

They’re also thinking along the lines of: “Is it really possible for me? Can I keep up with it when I get to five figures? What else do I need to do? What am I missing?”

These are the things that are literally going through their minds, and here's how you use this material when you write a post.

When you write a post, you put all of this knowledge in there!

You say in your post: I know what you're thinking, and you're wondering “Will it get easier when I get there? Can I keep up with it?” You're wondering if you're going to burn out once you hit five figures. You're wondering if you're missing something. You are working for four or five hours and then you're thinking “What else can I do? What else do I need to be doing? What am I missing?” You keep telling yourself that you need this and that before you can actually get the results that you want and it's not true! I know that you want the five figure months. I know that you want to have more passive income than 1:1 clients but I know that you keep going to 1:1 client because it's easier. I know that you wish that growing your list, growing your group, getting more clients,  making more money was easier because it seems like it's easier for everyone else.

This will make your ideal client realize that you truly get them and they will be WAY more likely to buy, right?!