How To Fully Book Your 1:1 Coaching Business

How to Fully Book Your Coaching Business

Fully get behind the goal

Sure, the starting point of this is to pick your price point, make sure the details of the program are clear and set and you know how many people "fully booked" means to you.

But to truly be FULLY behind the goal - you need to look at any reason you might not WANT to hit the goal (would it take up too much time in your calendar, are you afraid to let people down if they don't like your coaching, do you feel like you are taking money from people?) AND why do you believe you might not hit the goal even if you try (do you think your audience is too small, your marketing never works, etc?)

Basically, you're pinpointing all the things that are going to block you from hitting the goal. What to do next is decide 1 of 3 things - 1. Can you accept that you refuse to think that thought anymore? 2. Can you think of an action to take despite the fear? 3. Can you dive deeper into where that belief came from and work on forgiving that person/experience?

Note: You will always be afraid. You will always have doubt. It's up to you to move forward DESPITE that.

Be crystal clear on who this program is for

Nobody wants to pay you for 12 sessions. They want to pay for transformation specifically designed for them.

If you aren't sure why people aren't or haven't been buying - the 2 reasons people don't buy are 1. They aren't sure the program is for them and 2. They aren't sure the end result is possible for them.

So, brainstorm how you can be more clear [really, crystal clear] on those 2 points inside of your marketing. Because think about, why WOULDN'T someone buy if they knew the program was for them and they truly believed they could get the results? And of course.. they WANT the results.

Show people your testimonials

There are 2 crucial pieces of your marketing, especially as a high-end coach. The first is testimonials. If you don't have testimonials or EXPERIENCE you can talk about... start there FIRST.

Some of my favorite ways to show off my clients are - asking them to write testimonials for me, screenshotting their celebrations in the FB groups for my programs, writing posts about their success and having them approve them and inviting them to join me on a livestream interview.

Share your own story and results

This is the other crucial piece of your marketing to fill out your 1:1. What is your key story that shows your audience that 1. You've gotten the results they want and 2. You have been where they've been.

Remember, people won't buy unless they know the results are possible for them. More often than not you're coaching on something you've struggled with and overcame. Share those stories!

You need to speak to your client

Whenever I'm feeling "off" with your marketing, like I am missing the mark, I shift out of trying to sell and market and into, what I call, writing love notes to my soulmate client.

Sounds silly, I know. But I just write them a letter. I let them know I know what they're going through and that they can get through it... mayyybe I mention how I can help. But I always write it from a place of love and connection.

I promise - marketing SHOULD NOT be so stiff and stuffy. Write from your heart/soul!

Now... go sign those clients.


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