7 Things You Need In Place To Get To Multiple 6-Figures In Your Online Business

7 Things You need In Place to Get to Multiple 6-Figures in Your Coaching Business Online

I am so excited to share this with you! 7 Things Your Need To Get To Multiple 6-Figures

A business structure that allows you to stack your income

Your bare minimum multiple 6-figure year ($200,000) comes out to about $17,000 per month. Can you imagine hitting that income level (or more... because you know you want more) starting from $0 every month. Odds are that already feels hard for you with keeping up a 6-figure income.

What most 6-figure earners are not thinking about which is keeping them from scaling is how what they are selling today sets them up for success in the future. Your income (payments) need to be stacking.

This is what my clients Alex and Jenny did to set up multiple 6-figure success. You can read their story here on how they started their months with $20k already set to come in.

Actually understand what it means to run an intuitive business

Intuitive business does NOT look like waking up each day and thinking, "Oh SHIT how can I make more money today?". Take it from me - I used to think I was operating intuitively by creating at LEAST 1 new program (often more) every month.

This left me with a website full of programs and offerings with very few people in each and hours upon hours every week spent on creating paid content. In order to get to multiple 6-figures you'll need to understand how to put more focus into less offerings (2-3 MAX) and fill those over and over. So you can spend more time serving and selling and less time creating things that go nowhere.

I mean, unless you REALLY want to be hustling 24-7 to keep up with your sales goals... which I DOUBT is actually true ;)

Content that actually sells.. like a charm... over and over

Or as I like to call it... a marketing saga.

A marketing saga is a handful of posts/emails/videos that you can put on automate to sell your offerings. You see with my main offerings that I have now sold 100+ spots in each.. I use the same content nearly every single time to sell it.

I get it - I am a total creative, and am constantly getting inspired to write new content (and I always write it - it's just bonus content!). However, to grow a sustainable multiple 6-figure business, we do not need or want to depend on feeling good and inspired. You can use the same content on repeat to sell hundreds of spots in your offerings.

Hint: if you want this... let's hop on a call and get to work ;)

A community/platform (and it should always be growing)

To make this really simple - you need people. I'm a big fan of Facebook groups... but other people's Facebook groups are not for selling your shit.

Here's what you need - your own platforms that full of your people. Pre-qualified, trusting fans. I typically suggest an email list and a Facebook group but it can really be anything. The goal here is you have people who are waking up in the morning and searching your name looking for your latest piece of content. (Which means yes, daily content nurturing your people needs to be happening).

And this needs to be growing all the time... nothing crazy but 1 new person per day can make all of the difference. (Hint: we're usually bringing in at least 30 new people per day).

Specificity that sells your offers

You need to tell me who you serve and the specific results those people get very quickly if you want to be able to create a multiple 6-figure business. No, this doesn't need to be money, YES, it needs to be tangible.

What does life look like after they work with you?
What changes in their life/business/relationships/etc in your work together?
How do they feel before vs. after working with you? 

Specificity sells. The #1 reason people don't buy is when they don't know FOR SURE that your offer is for them. 

PS: Any kind of coach can do this. My client Gianna (love coach) sells $6k group program spots and $15k 1:1 spots because she knows the results of what she does inside and out. 

A sales strategy that runs month after month

I've been creating on average $15,000 per month since November 2017 (~$12k+ of that being profit) from the same course. How? I have an automated sales system that brings in new leads, nurtures them and sells to them every single month.

Writing sales content every single day will get you to 6-figures but if you're ready to scale, I'm sure you can already see something needs to change. You want this for all of your offerings. Hitting multiple 5 figure months is not about hustle and hope... ;)

Working toward something other than your next level of success

This one's my favorite... you need to be working toward something besides proving yourself. Paying the bills, saving some money and proving myself got me (and probably you) to 6-figures... but I quickly got to a point where I realized it could not keep going that way.

Everything changed the month I paid myself a $20k PAYCHECK (to Taylor Manning ONLY) one month. I started living, enjoying life.... not because of the money in my account or the things I bought because I finally saw the difference between running a business and living Fully Free.

My clients have done things like -

* Surprised her grandma and other family across the country
* Took her brother on the trip of his dreams
* Took her boyfriend on a vacation all expenses paid
* Surprised her mom with a vacation just the two of them

What is it for you? What action can you make your goal in the next 90 days that feels like living Fully Free? This goal will normally force you to make some changes with both your financial goals but also your time goals.

There you have it. The 7 things that haven taken myself and my clients to multiple 6-figures.

Are you next?