From cheap college student freelancer to multiple 6-figure earner

I started my freelance business in April of 2014 as college student.

I was killing it.

In just a year, I had gigs paying me $25+ an hour doing work that allowed me to have a killer internship, full-time course load and a schedule that was flexible enough to include my long distance relationship, family time, and late nights with friends.

Everyone wanted to know what I was doing and how they could to do it too.

Yet, I wanted so much more.

I was increasing my rates on a monthly basis.

I was bringing on new clients left and right.

I even started my own community and was getting paid to be a guest blogger for marketing sites.

When I graduated with my bachelors at 19-years-old (my story just screams over achiever, doesn't it?) - I didn't apply for a single job. I didn't even think about going to grad school. I knew I wasn't making that great of money in my business, but my intuition was screaming that I was on the right track.

My parents were on edge. Their smart, mature, goody-good daughter was jumping into something full of uncertainty. (OK fine - plus I adult ran-away'd across the country with an older guy, but still....) 

Long story short, I ended up moving across the country with no connections except for my boyfriend. And I was hell-bent on taking my business to the next level.

I gave my dream life everything I had.

I changed my target market and started working with six and seven figure entrepreneurs who were launching big programs and courses.

I was supporting million dollar launches, running hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising, and creating email funnels every single day.

I loved it; I was finally thriving.

By this point, I had quadrupled my income in just two and a half months.

Yet, I still felt like I could do more.

I decided to help other ambitious women make huge impacts and income, just like I was doing. (Finally, alignment.)

My clients were doing amazing things: making enormous sales off of webinars, booking ten free calls in a matter of days, and hitting multiple five-figure months within just weeks of working together.

My clients loved me (and were killing it, too) and I had more free time than ever.

Now, just eight months later, I'm hitting five-figure months (like... $25,000 months), collaborating on huge launches and taking my clients to consistent $10,000 and $20,000 months.

Learn more in this video I made you: 

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