4 Essential Tips To Getting the RIGHT people on the phone

I hear it all the time. People have no problem booking discovery calls, but it’s hard to find the right people who are ready to buy, ready to invest, and ready to put in the work.

Even after 10,12,15 calls - it’s just one “no, thank you” after another. It seems impossible to get the right person on the phone!

When I first started booking discovery calls, I kept getting so many people on the phone who didn’t know me and didn’t resonate with me. And honestly? I’m not even sure why they were on the phone talking to me in the first place.

So how do you go from signing clients here and there to actually being able to predict how many clients you’re going to sign?

1. Stop Blaming Them for Booking the Call

You are the one who put the message out there. So clearly something needs to change with your marketing. You need to first be clear on who exactly is your right person. The right person for me and my programs is typically somebody who’s been trying to run their business, booked a few clients, but for some reason it’s not totally working.

For example, a lot of coaches talk to brand spanking new coaches and entrepreneurs. That’s not my ideal client. But sometimes I put out posts more targeted towards that and I have to remind myself again of my ideal client and get really specific on who I actually want.

I know it’s super basic, but it always a good idea to remind yourself of your ideal client. Take just 5 minutes - get out a pen and paper - and think about it. Answer the following questions:

  1. What do they need?

  2. What are their pain points?

  3. What do they desire?

Essentially, you should focus on: What do they really want and how can you give them exactly that?

2. Your Copy Should Speak For Itself

Go back to the messaging that you’re putting out there. More than likely, you’re speaking to everyone and it’s not clear enough exactly who it’s for. You want to exclude as many people from your content as possible. You want to speak directly and clearly to your ideal client and not worry about excluding anyone else.

I’ve had people sign up for my $10k programs the day they meet me because my copy is so clear on exactly where they are and what they need for their business. And that’s exactly what you want. Because that is what’s going to take you to multiple five figure months in your business.

3. Weeding Out the “No’s”

Look at your message and think of how you can exclude people. The people who are really meant to work with you are still going to come through. Most people are a “no”. They aren’t going to read the email, they’ll skip past the post, and they may even opt-out. But that’s actually the goal. You want to make most people a “no”.

If your email list is 100 people, you can’t have 100 clients. You simply can’t handle it. I have 5,000 people on my list and I can’t work with all of them. When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Most people are a “no” and it’s totally okay.

4. Super Clear Questions Can Only Benefit You

You need to make sure the questions that you’re asking on your booking form are extremely clear on who the call is for. Ask them about themselves, their business, and what they’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask the money questions either. My booking form says the price, the program, and if they’re ready to get started that day.

Psst you can take a peek at my discovery call booking form here.

Don’t be afraid to turn people down! If you get that notification that someone booked a call with you and their answers are obviously not right for you, don’t be scared to cancel the call. Or to inquire with them further. If they mention something specific like not having any funds at all, you can always message them and ask what they’re hoping to get out of the call. And they will tell you.

If people aren’t right for you, it’s okay to drop them. Even if you feel like a jerk. You’re a business owner and you have things to do. If you take these calls, you’re leaving less time for your ideal clients. Prioritize your time for your ideal clients!

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