How to Make 20K Months

I started my coaching business 1.5 years ago, and every time I move toward a new income level I have these negative thoughts that pop up in my head. “No... that’s not meant for you. No, you’re not quite there yet.”

But the truth is, it’s entirely up to me how much income I create. For several months I was stuck at $8k months. At first that amount of income was great and I was stoked to hit that goal but I knew that to invest more into my business and uplevel my life, I would need to make more money.

My current mentor was having $20k months when I first started following her and at the time, I thought that was absolutely crazy. I didn’t understand why someone needed to make that much money.

I even told my boyfriend at one point that I didn’t want to make that kind of money (even though a part of me did think I wanted it). I was in a constant battle with myself with one side saying how unnecessary and unrealistic it was yet the other part of me knowing I wanted it.

Then I realized that I WAS good enough and that if she could do it, so could I. I started really looking at the results my clients got, I started reminding myself how much I truly cared about my clients and how supported they were and I finally decided that I was good enough.

Now, I can have $20k months without even thinking about it. That’s an easy monthly goal for me.

Another thing that has helped me with creating consistent $20k months, was figuring out what that amount of monthly income looked like for me.

Everyone has different reasons they want to make money and different outlooks on how to spend and save that money. In order for that big of a number to feel good to me I had to get it our on paper where it would be going.

By doing this, I realized I wasn’t being selfish. I was wanting to give back, take my loved ones on trips, support other businesses and other amazing things.

At the end of the day, it has to feel good to you. You have to create your own version of what you want and how much that is going to cost?

How much time are you spending in your business?

How do you feel making x amount? Where does the money go? It’ll make you feel so much better knowing what you want instead of aiming to create what someone else already had.

Set your intention for how much you want to make and why and keep working through your limiting beliefs on why you can’t have it and looking for inspired action to take (this is where the marketing side of things comes in) on a daily basis.

You’ve so got this, girlfriend.

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