2 Easy Strategies for Overcoming Objections (Even if You're Not a Sales Queen)

Sales has always been the toughest thing for me to master in my business. Not only that, I used to hate overcoming objections; I didn’t want to overcome objections, I just didn’t want to have any in the first place.

I’ve come a long way since then, and what I love now is to teach others how to overcome objections even if they aren’t a sales queen.

I’ve figured out two easy strategies to get over a few different common objections that keep people from signing up for your programs.

For example, “I need to talk to my husband, I need 24 hours to talk about it, or I can’t afford it.” Do you instantly find yourself saying, “Oh, of course, take your time!” and then never hear from that person again?

The problem is that you’re not supporting them! As a coach, your job is to support somebody in making the tough decisions. Especially when they’re doing something they’ve never done before, such as hiring a coach.

If you really want to take things over the edge and sign them as a client, it’s your job in this moment to show them how good of a coach you are. By supporting them through this decision without being salesy or sleazy.

I realized through my journey that when I said ‘Oh, of course, take your time!’,  I wasn’t supporting them. I was basically sending them away without any help. The problem was: I was just so scared to come off as sleazy so I just let them go instead.

Can you relate? 

Everyone has their own little “rules” about when they make these decisions. I’ve heard people say they need to pray about it, meditate, wait 24 hours, talk to their partner, or something else.

And the truth is, I’m asking someone to pay me a lot of money and sometimes it’s a little crazy to expect people to pay me that just after a quick chat on the phone. It can definitely be uncomfortable to get someone to make that huge decision over the phone.

Strategy #1: The BFF Method

But my first strategy to deal with that is what I call the BFF method aka. The Best friend forever method. 

I want to be friends with my clients. I want my clients to be such perfect fits for me, and the sales call is a trial run of that process. If my best friend was on the phone, I would help them through with whatever they’re struggling with!

So when objections come up, I go into BFF mode. Of course, this doesn’t work for absolutely everybody. It only works for the people who are really meant to work with you.

If your best friend were to say, “I really want to work with this coach, but I’m terrified to invest.” Would you really say, “why don’t you think about it and come back to me?” No! You’re probably going to ask, “Why do you want to work with this coach? How far back is it going to set you back to invest? What results are you expecting?" 

If they talk about not being able to afford it, you would probably start to break it down. How much money do you have available? Could you use a credit card? Help them figure out the steps to make this goal possible. You’re there to support them in this decision.  

The odds are, #1 they seriously don’t know how to make it work or #2 they’re not really interested. If you go into BFF mode, you can probably figure out which one it is. If you feel resistance, then more than likely they’re not a good fit - and that’s totally okay!  

The purpose of this strategy isn’t necessarily to get them to come to a decision. It’s to help them and get them more comfortable opening up to you. It’s to build trust, and help you realize if they’re a good fit.

You don’t have to pressure anybody into talking to you about these things. You can ask permission to talk about the money. For me, I really do like to ask permission. Like if you say to me, “I need to talk to my husband.” I would say, “of course, that makes sense! How do you think the conversation is going to go?” She could respond, “ I think it will go really well!” or it could go in the opposite direction and say “I don’t know really! Probably not great.” And you can respond based off of that.

Most people getting on the phone with you have made the decision that they at least want to do something about their situation and they know you pretty well. They may just need help making the final decision. It’s your job to support them in making that decision.

Strategy #2: Clear Expectations 

The second strategy is to set super clear expectations on the phone of when you are going to be in contact. And if you want to take it a step further, you can book a follow up call right there on the phone. Or even just saying, “When will you talk to your husband, when do you want to have that conversation?” She’ll give you a response, and then you will tell her that you can check back in right after that. Or she can email you right after the call to let you know how it goes.

Setting the expectation is going to #1 Allow you to have a great follow up call or #2 They won’t show up to the call and you know what kind of client they’re going to be like. And so you can let go of that energy.

How many times have you told prospective clients told you’ll check in with them but then suddenly - you’re not sure when to follow up, what to say when you follow up, or worry that you’re coming off desperate? It just makes you feel so clueless, and don’t worry - I completely understand that feeling!

When you set up a follow up date and time, and they don’t get back to you, you can let them go. And sometimes that’s just what you need to do when it’s not the right fit. This is a great way to let go of that unneeded stress.

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