How I Grew My Facebook Group by 1,000 People in 48 Hours

My group, Ambitious Badass Entrepreneurs, was the starting point of my business. It’s where a majority of my first clients came from (and still do) and it really helped establish my online presence.

A little over a year ago, I had put a post out and 48 hours later, 1,000 new people had joined my group. My group at the time had around 300 people and I had spent about 5 months trying to grow my group to even those members.

It took me about 5 months to get to 300 members. If you’re at that point - don’t worry it’s normal, however, with this strategy you just might be able to double, triple or more your group in the next few days.

My Crazy Effective and Controversial Strategy

My strategy was to promote a free (which was actually a spreadsheet I was making for myself to track my posts for the week). I pinned it inside my group and I started a ladder post in other groups to get people to tell me they wanted the spreadsheet.

I talked about how I made $8,000 posting in facebook groups and I had a short screenshot of the freebie so people could see what they were getting.

Here’s a screenshot of the actual post:

Screenshot Facebook Group Strategy

The post worked for a few reasons:

  • It spoke to a pain point of my ideal client

  • It showed them that I had something they wanted

  • The freebie was useful (it as genuinely something I could have sold)

The strategy worked amazing and my clients have since been able to replicate it in their own ways to do the same thing.

Though to be completely honest, some people didn’t like this strategy. I actually got kicked out of a few groups and had some well known coaches call me out on it.

In one woman’s group in particular, she commented on my post in front of everyone and said that she would never encourage her clients to market this way because it’s so tacky. And it was SO embarrassing.

Here’s the thing though - just recently I was featured in an article with that same coach about how successful my business is. And I had hundreds of people from her group join mine. The comment was embarrassing and at the time I thought it could really affect my business, but it didn’t.

I chose not to take it to heart.

When you are marketing anything no matter how not spammy you are, or authentic, or service oriented you are - people are always going to find a reason to bash you. And say that you’re not good enough, or you’re spammy, or you should just give up.

I’m sure there are people reading this or who know me and absolutely hate the way that I market myself. And there are others who absolutely love the way that I market. The point is to trust in yourself and continue forward.

If you’re providing value and changing people’s businesses, you can’t be spammy. Even if you pitch constantly, you’re still giving value.

So here’s my homework for you: Go promote your group, yourself, your lead magnet shamelessly. Don’t be disrespectful or break rules in other people’s groups but don’t worry about doing it right or what people think.

You’ve got this, girl!

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