10 Reasons Facebook Groups Can Be INSANELY Profitable

Let’s talk about that silent elephant in the room: Facebook Groups.

When I started my business a few years back, groups were the place to be. I don’t like to call anything easy but they were for sure one of the easiest places to be. Since then, groups have gotten more saturated, busy and spammy.

However, they are still profitable and instead of having you waste any more time wondering if you are on the right platforms, I wanted to share with you the 10 reasons why I think Facebook groups can be your more profitable platform.

1. Your Profile Picture Is Powerful (and Memorable)

When someone responds to one of my emails, I don’t know what they look like. But in the group, I engage with people constantly, I see them (well, their profile picture at least), and I really feel like I know them.  

Your profile picture builds a level of trust and recognition when you see someone constantly. It’s incredibly easy for me on Facebook to see someone, see what they like, and immediately feel like I know them.

A funny example is someone who recently joined one of my program. She emailed me some questions in response to an email and I wrote back. However, it wasn’t until she joined the Facebook group for the paid program when I realized I had already been talking to her and engaging with her for months in my Facebook group!

2. Facebook Lets You Stay in Closer Contact

I can post in my group a ton of times in a day, but I will probably only email my list or post on social media once a day.

For some reason, it’s more appropriate to share frequent updates on Facebook, and in Facebook groups, than it is nearly anywhere else. This means, Facebook lets you stay in closer contact and helps you keep you on your leads and followers minds.

3. Social Proof

One thing that has happened to me lately is that people will randomly find my group (through a search or Facebook recommending me in the sidebar of another group), scroll through, and be super intrigued by the other women who tag me, thank me, and are reaching out to me.

And then those people reach out to me and want to get on the phone because they know I’m legit and good at what I do just by how many other people are interacting with me. Other platforms really lack that - you never know by reading my email if other people really like working with me (besides simply trusting my copy and pasted testimonials).

4. Market Research

It’s super easy to see what works in your group and what doesn’t.

You can clearly see what they interact with, comment on, or totally ignore. Since most of us are attracting ideal clients in our groups or are in other groups with our ideal clients inside of them we can easily see what content of our performs best but also what content of other’s performs best.

5. Survey your People 

In a Facebook group - you can easily create a poll, type in options, and post in your group.

With just one click, your ideal clients can vote for what they want from you - whether it’s a type of freebie, topic for your next webinar or price point for your new membership site (Yes, I’ve used it for all of the above).

6. Easier than Email

More than likely, you’re getting people constantly wanting your attention in your email. Emails about bills that are due, emails from people who want to interview on their latest and greatest summit and emails from clients that need things looked over.

You have to unsubscribe to everything, it’s overwhelming, and everything gets lost! But chances are you scroll through Facebook constantly and it’s a lot more fun to interact and engage on there. This makes posting in groups and interacting with your people in your own group (or others) a lot more enjoyable than refreshing your email inbox to see if anyone replied (and let’s be honest, replies are rare these days anyways).

7. Groups Promote Themselves

Facebook charges you to run ads for your email list. Which is totally fine. I spend thousands every month into Facebook ads.

However, what’s even cooler is that Facebook likes to advertise your group on the side bar for free to people they think would like it, especially when they are in groups similar to yours. Free advertising? Yes, please.

8. It’s beneficial for you AND for them

In my group, you get the opportunity to be:

  • Visible

  • Meet friends

  • Promote your stuff

  • Connect with others

People come because it’s in their own benefit and they also happen to get to know you. But when it comes to email, you’re kind of just constantly talking to them and they don’t get anything else out of it.

Free content is great, but being able to meet people, especially potential clients, it’s what really benefits them. Especially when it comes to business groups.

9. Personalization isn’t fake on Facebook

On Facebook, it seems more authentic. Were not trying to pretend to be writing a post to one person - it’s known and okay that it’s going out to everyone on our page, group or friend’s list.  

With email you can try and pretend to make it personal with the { insert_first_name } but we all know it’s not personal. Why even pretend?

10. Livestreaming is magical

The fact that you can livestream in your group is amazing.

People get to see me live. Which means no makeup, stumbling over my words, and behind-the-scenes. It builds trust much more quickly than any other type of content. It just works.

There you have it, 10 reasons why Facebook groups are still a powerful and profitable marketing tool. Seriously, take them to heart and keep giving Facebook groups your attention.

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