The #1 Thing People are Doing Wrong with Their Facebook Groups

When I created my group, I gave it a name that meant nothing to me, my ideal client, and didn’t stand out much.

That made it really hard to grow the group because no one knew who it was for or who the heck I was.

The name was “The Creative Corner” and evidently, it was rather ambiguous. It didn’t have an identity, it didn’t resonate with people, and it didn’t mean anything personally to me. 

When I started my group, I wasn’t really in any other women entrepreneur groups. But nowadays, all I see is people seeing success in these groups and creating another cookie-cutter version of it. There’s thousands of groups that are basically the exact same thing with extremely similar group names.

Am I right or am I right?

Having a Facebook group can feel like the right thing to do, because you see what other women doing and you want to have what they have. So you may name it, “the confident woman's group” or “the female entrepreneurs group”  or “empowered boss ladies” but to be completely honest - that’s just too generic.

It isn’t special or unique - people aren’t going to be passionate or wow’ed by that group name which will make it MUCH harder to grow.  

Some other common Facebook group mistakes I see are:

  • Making your group fit your brand - not your purpose

  • Making a group for your service and not for your people

  • Making a group that is a total replica of another group and not your personalized vision

Most of the time, people aren’t actively looking for another coach to follow. We already know way too many people. We are really looking for a community to join and feel like we belong.

The key to a successful and fast growing Facebook group: People need to instantly know if they belong in your group (community) based off of the title.

I have to admit that even my group name isn’t perfect. It’s Ambitious Badass Entrepreneurs. And about 50 people a day are requesting to join my group - but that includes men, or product-based businesses, or millennials who are just ambitious. Which isn’t necessarily my ideal client.

The more defined that you can get with your Facebook group name, the better.

The purpose of your group should be to fill a gap in the marketplace and to make sure that your ideal client has a community to go to.

Honestly, it used to be fine if you used a broad and general group name. But now with Facebook Algorithms, people aren’t getting a big return. A lot of people feel like their group is filled with people who don’t want to buy from them, or they don’t care, or they aren’t the right fit. And that comes down to the initial time they met you, which is your group title. 

People hear the name and decide if they want to come in or not. The people who I see killing it with their group, are thinking about this information. This is vital if you’re creating a new group or if your group isn’t working great now, it can help you pick it up fast.

It’s just common sense. If someone resonates with your group name and it’s something unique, they will immediately want to be a part of your community.

And people truly do want a sense of community. Most groups today are just filled with other people’s spam as well as the owner’s spam. After giving enough value, I’ve been able to successfully sell everyday in my group. Recently, I decided to change the rules in my group so that people can’t promote themselves constantly. But people still show up everyday and engage because there’s such a high sense of community.

I hope this blog post inspires you to do some thinking about your group name and helps you create a higher sense of community and grow your group faster than ever before.

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