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Taylor only works with clients who are highly committed to focusing on their inner growth, stepping deeper into leadership and taking consistent action to create an overflow of abundance.

Her high level mentorship options are perfect for someone desiring:

Access to Taylor’s input whenever you need it so you feel confident moving forward faster, clear on what’s holding you back, always know your next step and able to work out overthinking and confusion faster than ever

A mentor who holds the mindset and reality of multiple five figure cash months consistently that you can align and calibrate to

✨ Unique, tailored to your business ideas from someone who knows YOU and knows what it takes to get to the next level

✨ A sacred space to explore and identify the root cause of your struggles and build self awareness around your patterns creating your reality so you can shift your results for good

✨All the strategic direction you need to go to five figure & multiple five figure consistent months

✨ Uncovering not the right way to run a multiple 6-figure business, but your own unique way that will be fulfilling, enjoyable and sustainable long term

To defy the odds and get big, life changing results - Taylor’s previous private clients have done things like sign their first $18k+ clients, create $10-30k in reoccurring, passive income and create upwards of $60k cash months during their time with Taylor

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“I was hesitant to hire Taylor because the last coach I worked with was a massive investment and I didn’t feel supported. I ended up draining my bank accounts and feeling depressed and scared. My mental health was seriously affected. Not that it was the coach’s fault, but it all left me very hesitant to invest in another high-ticket coach. 

I knew Taylor was amazing though. So, after wrapping my mind around it all, I got some credit and paid her in full. This was scary but also massively empowering. Making that investment in itself empowered me to raise my rates and expect to be paid in full.
Within a few weeks of coaching, I had my first pay-in-full private client for $15k and paid the credit cards that allowed me to hire her. 

Taylor helped me unpack my mindset around filling my 1:1. I upleveled like crazy and filled my private coaching with
3 beyond-dreamy clients for $23K each. On top of that, 2 of them paid me in full. I almost had a $60K cash month

While working with Taylor, I’ve had multiple multiple-5-figure months, up-leveled my beliefs, and released my deepest fears. I feel worthy, stable, and happy. I’m more connected to the people in my life, and feel supported by my business instead of controlled by it. I just feel confident. 

Taylor has changed my life and I want to be her client forever. If you are thinking about hiring her just do it!” 


"I've just been looking at my income spreadsheet, and things have really changed. I was getting $1,500 payments for my 1:1 coaching (3-month payments plan) with no pay-in-fulls in sight. 

Now, I'm receiving $1,300 payments for my group program, $2,500 deposits, and a
$10,000 pay in full for 1:1 clients

I have invested in myself and learned so much in the past year, but I was not getting paid what I was worth. I was booking 5-figure months but I was tired and exhausted (like when I had 7 coaching calls in one day! #burnout ) 

After working with Taylor I 
had my first $20K month and it was easier than any $10K month I had before. I finally have a repeatable system that makes sales feel easy!"