COmmunity CONtent, PROFIT

 A 5-module video training course that shows you exactly how to build an engaged Facebook group that makes you $10k + per month. 

Let me guess... 

You’ve already created a Facebook group, but you definitely don’t love it, and you feel like you’ve plateaued as far as member growth goes. Why can’t I grow my group anymore?

Every time you go to promote your group you feel like it’s a repeat of every other Facebook group out there. What makes my group so special? 

On the inside, your group is quiet and unengaged you just wish for the life of you that you could get some people posting and commenting. Should I just allow promotions to get more engagement? 

And let’s not talk about sales. You swear every time you post about your latest offer, someone sneaks out of the group without fail. Why don’t people want to buy my products? 

In Community, Content, Profit, I'm showing you:

  • The #1 change I made to my group that changed the game for me; including fully booking my program, growing on automate daily and increasing engagement 
  • My Facebook groups by at least 25 members per day, on average, even when I'm not running any Facebook ads or promoting in other groups
  • The exact strategies I've take to grow my group from 0-nearly 5,000 in just 15 months 
  • The #1 strategy I've used to grow my group that added over 1,000 members in just 48 hours 
  • The engagement strategies I use to get hundreds of views on my live streams and dozens of comments on nearly all of my posts 
  • My exact content schedule I use to keep my group fun and engaged while also making me five figures in income every single month 
  • My 3-step launch strategy I use every single time I launch anything new that has made me $10,000+ many times without a single sales page 
  • And LOTS much more! 

What my students are saying...

The course includes: 

  • 5 weekly modules that include multiple videos and worksheets in each (you'll get instant access to go as fast or slow as you would like) 
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with others and ask me questions 
  • Bonus sales videos to help you create more income in your business 

Plus, when you buy before the timer ends, you also get: 

  • $500 off what the course has sold at in the past - it's just $197 for you before the timer ends 
  • Bonus #1: Watch me create my content for the week in under 20 minutes (this bonus hasn't been released to anyone in over a year!) 
  • Bonus #2: Discovery calls and sales post swipe copy (I've used these posts to fully book my 1:1 program in under a month